This post is written by Karen Brocker about what it is like to have a daughter with a chronic illness.

I got off the phone with a heavy heart. My daughter is suffering and I don’t know the answers to her complicated symptoms. I don’t even know what to suggest as we play Russian roulette with her meds. Maybe we should

Change the timing? Dosage ? Add another med? is there anything that would help.? I’m out of my league.

I feel helpless. 

It’s time to call in the troops! Who are the troops? Family friends and concerned individuals involved in Supporting us as we go thru this trial.

What are their weapons? Prayer. I send out an email (or text) and let them know what is going on. Then they get to work . Missives are sent up in the form of

Their prayers. I send confirmation to Sarah, the support troops have been called into duty!

We have come to rely on this special group of people. They are dear to us and key maintaining our position as we remain in the battle of Sarah’s not so normal life.


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