This blog post is written by Karen Brocker.  She writes about what it is like to have a daughter with a chronic illness.

When I heard that John was retiring I was in explicably saddened.  What would  I do without John?  How could he be leaving me?  Didn’t he know I relied on him?  John was my pharmacist.

Before Sarah became ill, the pharmacist was just someone who filled my prescription at whatever pharmacy I happened to choose that day.  After she became ill, this person became my ally in dealing with the many drugs we were routinely pouring into her body.   We were on a first name basis.  I filled A LOT of prescriptions.

For instance, there was the time we were on vacation in Florida and she starting itching horribly, it was John that I called to help determine what medicine might be causing it.   Another time ,after visiting an alternative health specialist, it was John who looked over the supplements we had purchased to make sure they did not interact with her meds. (that would no longer be allowed by the pharmacy).

And just today, I made a call to our pharmacy. The pharmacist was not someone I knew personally, but she was very helpful in looking up the withdrawal effects from one of the meds Sarah had just stopped cold turkey.

Life gets complicated when you live with a chronic disease.  We do not have the expertise needed to navigate our way through so many symptoms and medications.  Pharmacists are just one of the people we have come to rely on and appreciate in Sarah’s not so normal life.


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