Who would have thought that a simple brush would help so much in the healing of my scalp eczema.

I have tried everything from various lovely new natural shampoos, rhassoul clay shampoo, organic scalp oils etc. and whilst these all help, I continue to rip my scalp apart with my comb or brush. Even soft bristle ones aren’t safe in my hands.

I know I’m doing it but I can’t stop myself, the urge to itch is too much. And washing my hair seems to make me always want to scratch and the actual scratching feels so damn good till you’ve done the damage.

So lately I’ve been using cooler water, taking shorter showers and when my scalp is much better.

Since buying my first Tangle Teezer brush from my hair dressers I’ve almost stopped having an itchy scalp altogether.
The dry skin and flakes have almost disappeared and I will never be going back to a normal brush or comb now.

You can buy them in many hair dresser’s salons, or just google Tangle Teezer. I found them here on Amazon: Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Professional Detangling Hairbrush Pink

I think it has helped with ignoring the itch, and instead working on defeating and beating that habit of scratching, because everyone with eczema knows that often it’s a habit when we scratch.

You can find out more about Tangle Teezers here: http://www.tangleteezer.com They cost between £10 and £12 each and come in some really fun wild and wacky designs.

Because the Tangle Teezer is so soft it just teases out tangles and doesn’t aggravate or damage the scalp in any way. Does anyone else use one? Do you have eczema and find yourself always digging at your scalp when you comb or brush? Try one of these and let me know if it helps.


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