rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Age Related Hearing Loss – Causes and Treatment



According to The charity ‘Action On Hearing Loss’, a one in seven UK resident suffers from some kind of hearing loss. There are many reasons for loss of hearing, some are directly linked with medial conditions such as infections, some … Continue reading


Disability, Desolation, Desperation and the Dole



Yes, that’s me in the photo, although it’s hard for me to look at it let alone post it on social media. Career, tick. Just got married, tick. Happy, tick. Rest of our lives planned, tick. Then, I collapsed. Brain … Continue reading


E-cigarettes – where do we stand?


Woman smoking electronic cigarette

The blog entry was originally posted on the British Dental Health Foundation Blog Section The explosion of e-cigarettes to the market has seen health professionals race against time to discover whether their introduction has been for better or for worse. … Continue reading


Going Through the Change: A Menopause Superhero Novel!


Going Through the Change

(Cover art by Polina Sapershteyn) Here’s a post by a writer friend of mine, Samantha Bryant. She’s written a novel about menopause and superheros! Menopause can be a pretty scary word. In a world that values youth and physical perfection above … Continue reading


Protection Through the Correct Use of Vinyl Gloves in the Medical Industry


medical gloves

Working in the medical industry poses risks to workers, which is why it is imperative to use the right protective clothing such as medical gloves and facemasks. These products are designed to protect those who work in the medical profession … Continue reading


Gut Feelings: Understanding the Digestive-Immune System Connection


What does digestion have to do with your immune system? Surprisingly, a lot. The gut is intimately tied into your immune system and can dramatically effect your overall health. If you have poor digestion, odds are, you have other health … Continue reading





For a few weeks I have been trying to get back on the wagon and lose my baby weight that I had put on throughout my pregnancy with my second son James. Now, I confess that my head was not in … Continue reading


Emotional Eaters think differently about food


To define a typical emotional eater one needs to understand that their innate sense of self worth is closely linked to the numbers on their bathroom scales. A pound lost, or a pound gained can set the tenor of their … Continue reading


World Earth Day and the secret life of a toothbrush



The blog entry was originally posted on the British Dental Health Foundation Blog Section Today (22 April) is World Earth Day – a day dedicated to both simple individual acts and larger organisational initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and support … Continue reading




This post is written by Karen Brocker, my mom, about what it is like to have a daughter with a chronic illness. When you live with a chronic disease you sometimes become accustomed to dealing with serious, even scary,  health issues.  This becomes … Continue reading


How to eat your way to better fitness


If you’re looking to get fit then you cannot ignore your diet. Yes, exercise is important but you can put all the hours in at the gym you like – if you pig out on the wrong foods then your … Continue reading


Allergies: Eating out in Edinburgh


Allergies: Eating out in Edinburgh

Plans for the big Scottish Adventure began to take shape earlier this year as we realised how many years have gone by since we last visited and MyItchyBoy could no longer remember going. A train was booked, accommodation sorted and … Continue reading


Diet and lifestyle habits of highly fit and successful people


Have you looked at the almost unreal fitness of some successful people and wondered how they manage it, given their stressful and work-filled daily lives? The secret lies in accepting your flaws as a part of who you are and … Continue reading


The language of life


I often wish I could get inside Ella’s head…   I wonder what the world is like from her perspective, what she sees, how she thinks and how she feels.   I’ve had a challenging time with her recently – … Continue reading


ONE WEEK! One week of paranoia, excitment, balanced nutrition, hydration & staying healthy



This is it, just one week left till the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015.  A week / 7 days.  Seems a short time but, oh my word!  This is going to be a long, long, long week!  Not that I’m excited or … Continue reading


School and the EHCP


As with a lot of families across the country, this week we received our offer of a place at Primary School for Ella.  We did our research and ended up choosing our local, mainstream school that we live in the … Continue reading


Word of Mouth – April 2015



The blog entry was originally posted on the British Dental Health Foundation Blog Section Hello, and welcome to April’s Word of Mouth. As spring finally crops up and an extra hour lost, it can only mean that National Smile Month … Continue reading


Food safety and gloves


When preparing food in your kitchen or restaurant it is essential that you take care when handling raw meat and other foodstuffs. According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), there are an estimated 5.5 million cases of food poisoning each … Continue reading


7 Key Symptoms At Menopause


Menopause changes many aspects of our lives from our appearance to our health, but these common symptoms do have solutions. Throughout our hormonal life we get so many symptoms and changes that it can be hard to tell just what … Continue reading


Jamie’s manifesto missing the mark


chewing sugar free gum

The blog entry was originally posted on the British Dental Health Foundation Blog Section Letter in response to ‘Jamie Oliver calls for a Singapore-style ban on chewing gum in public‘, published in the Independent online, 13.04.2015. After reading the article … Continue reading


FeNO: The 10-second breath test to help diagnose and manage asthma


VERO in Use

Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions and, for sufferers, it can be terrifying if not managed properly. In the UK alone, 5.4m people are estimated to have the condition while, in the US, that figure is around … Continue reading


It’s a Question of Balance


Out of Balance It is easy to take your sense of balance for granted – it is there just as the breaths you take. But what happens when you lose your balance? Here is an overview of some of the … Continue reading


Arm Yourself Against Allergies


Allergy Awarness Week Image

Allergy Awareness Week runs from 20th April to 26th April and is organised by Allergy UK to support allergy sufferers and raise awareness of the issues they face. In the UK, the number of allergy sufferers increases by five per … Continue reading


Stress and atopic eczema



from   When we ask someone in clinic what seems to bring on their eczema or make it worse, almost always stress is mentioned. This is can also be the case with the other two common skin diseases, acne … Continue reading


A little word called hope.. 


‘Pain is real, it comes, it goes but hope is just around the corner’- Sarah Dryden.  As I sit in a world of wonder I look and see what is around me. Whether it be the Epilepsy or anything else … Continue reading


Healthy Hydration: Smart Strategies for Drinking More Water


Most of us are aware of the need to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated and improve our chances of keeping healthy, but finding the time or the inclination to drink water regularly throughout the day, is … Continue reading


I see , I remember and I PANIC!


Another Blog post by Karen Brocker about what it is like to have a daughter with a Chronic Illness. Sarah spends most of her time at school. So when I am with her I am reminded, in a very real … Continue reading


talkhealth members’ top 5 gynae issues


Helpline.Services. Phone on medical kit

In March, we ran our online clinic on gynaecology 2015. This clinic is always one of our most popular and covered over 65 gynaecology topics. If you missed out don’t worry – the clinic is still available for reference, so you … Continue reading