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This is it, just one week left till the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015.  A week / 7 days.  Seems a short time but, oh my word!  This is going to be a long, long, long week!  Not that I’m excited or anything and I am really bursting to get to my start pen at the Blue start and set off  round 26.2 miles of London’s streets.

So that’s it 555 miles of training so far, some simple runs and lots of rest and sleep this week, and a gradual build of balanced carbs and hydration to be ready for next Sunday.  This is the interesting bit as there a so many theories on pre race nutrition…I’d welcome any other views on what a great pre-race week looks like, pls.

This week I face a two headed monster to battle with…

First:  Why, oh why, oh why does “everyone” I meet have a stinking cold?  Boots must be selling out of tissues and Lemsip ‘cos wherever I go there are sniffles, bunged up noses and sore throats.  Even the steward in front of us at Wycombe Wanderer’s away match at Wimbledon, yesterday, was in a right state on “manbola”! Stay away you lot…I DO NOT want a cold this week!  Any tips on keeping healthy this week?


Second: I have been told about the final week paranoia and am deep into it now…

State of preparation: “What was that twitch in my hamstring?”  “Oh, my calves are a bit tight.”  “Have I got plantar F in my right foot?”  “Am I getting a cold (see above)?”

The Expo:  Neeeeeed my race number, chip and kitbag…NOW!  Do I go Weds, do I go Thurs, how much time should I spend there?

The race: “Am I prepared?”  “Will the alarm go off?”  “Have I cut my toe nails a week out as Ben said?”  “What did I do when I ran the Bramley 20 miler?”  “OK, so I have run 20 miles several times…but what awaits in the last 6.2 miles?”

Simply, I want two things this week.  This week to go fast and to be completely wrapped in cotton wool and a duvet.  This week IS going to go very slowly but will also be THE most exciting, life changing, selfish, focused, single minded, paranoid and panicky week ever.

I know how amazing it was as a spectator in 2014 and can’t get my head around what it will be like following that dotted blue line on the road around, yes, 26.2 miles, with fantastic and what is sure to be very emotional support from family, friends and running club members.  Not that I am looking forward to it or anything, really!!

Everything has a purpose and whilst a massive part is the personal challenge and experience, what I am doing is raising money for the great folks at Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research to help them beat blood cancers.  There are personal reasons and connections that I will draw on as inspiration and all I can do is thank those who have already donated and ask if you spare £5 or £10 or more to help me help them, please…
…here is my VM Giving page

Thanks, Mark



53 year old Dad with 2 daughters at UNI, kart racer and runner, massively supported by my partner Debs. Founder, with Debs, of our running club, Sherfield Park Runners. Going longer into Marathons and Ultras in 2015 - London for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, Berlin Marathon in Sept and my first Ultras in June at Endure24 and August at the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 (Oh! and...4 half marathons, 20 mile race, 10 mile Great South Run, etc.!!!)

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