Just a little light relief for you today, with some allergy cures. I know, I know, we all get fed up with all the people we meet who have such great advice for us that will surely cure us for good. You know the types; try this reiki treatment, drink this aloe juice, take homeopathy and all your allergies will be cured. There are so many so called ‘allergy cures’ and not to mention all the ‘eczema cures’ I’ve tried. Some stuff helps yeah, but ultimately these are life-long conditions we learn to live with.

Sadly there is no real allergy or eczema cure (yet – we can all live in hope) but there are loads of things you can do to improve your control on coping with the situation. Just trawl this blog for some of those and post a question below for some tips and advice.

Anyway, back to these eight strange allergy cures from around the world… I just thought I would share them to put a smile on your face and help you through the day.

There are some interesting ones here from eating foods rich in quercetin such as onions, using neti pots, growing facial hair and eating tomatoes. Some of them might help, others will not. What do you think? Have you tried anything that really helped to cure or relieve your allergies? Whether you have hayfever, are allergic grass pollen, dust or tree pollen, some of these may be able to help. But don’t get excited – I don’t think any of them will cure you.

If you know me, next time you see me, be warned… I am now growing a beard!

8 Of The Strangest Allergy Cures Form Around The World

8 Of The Strangest Allergy Cures Form Around The World.


Have you got an allergy or eczema cure? What’s the strangest thing anyone suggested that you try to cure you?


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