talkhealth bloggers come from all walks of life and all have a story to tell. From healthy eating and weight loss to dealing with disability and illness, there’s support for everyone at talkhealth. We’ve already had some great content this month. Here are some of the highlights so far…

image1Gluten free zucchini pasta with creamy vegan sauce (low histamine)

Our foodie and yoga guru, Low Histamine Chef, has plenty of healthy and delicious recipes up her sleeve and this healthy pasta alternative not only looks delicious but will also help your body naturally fight off allergies.

We love healthy recipes so if you have any recipes or healthy nutrition tips then it would be great to hear them.

Read the recipe here…

Mark-blog-150x150Still a marathon runner – ready to do it all again!

Our resident blogger Ultrabonkers certainly lived up to his name and took part in the London Marathon, which is no small feat! We were all fascinated to hear a first hand account of his training regime both physical and mental. He ran in support of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and got massive support from the charity, the talkhealth team and all of our members. For any readers looking to push themselves and partake in a marathon next year it’s very inspiring stuff,

Read about his experience in the race and find out his results…

Many colourful condoms in a pileOne-Night Stand: 3 Insane Tips To Keep It Safe And Successful

A guest blogger provided some surprising statistics on the talkhealth blog – 42% of students have had at least one one-night stand and 66% of those have also admitted to not using protection.

With this in mind we’ve designed a sexual health survey for people of all ages so we can understand awareness and provide useful information, get involved for the chance to win a £50 voucher. Our Online Clinic on sexual health is open from 8-12 June, and we’ll have experts on hand to answer those embarrassing questions you’d rather not ask your GP.

Read the blog post here…

We’re always on the look out for contributors so if you’ve got a story to tell then we would love to hear from you. Email Us!


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