Hi all,

So its day 12 of my Whole 30.

30 days, no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol (not a big drinker).

So far so good, I have been consistently making good food choices and drinking more water…winner.

To be honest, yesterday I nearly caved…I nearly committed the ultimate sin of…..making a sandwich. (This is obviously a joke, sandwiches are not sins….I love a good BLT or fish finger sandwich with tartar sauce AND ketchup!)

The main reason for me almost caving in was purely down to lack of food in my fridge. Nothing was inspiring me for lunch, I saw pastrami and I thought sandwich. I saw a boiled egg and I thought sandwich. I saw half a baked potato and I thought, “that’s a baked potato”.

So instead of making a sandwich I thought about the two words I wrote about in my previous blog, accountability and consistency. I proceeded to make a lunch of half a jacket potato, pastrami, sliced boiled egg, grated carrot and cherry tomatoes. A little random, a little bit of a mix but it was lovely, filled me up and I didn’t break my promise to myself.

I felt like I was on Masterchef doing the invention test.

Here’s to day 13!!


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