rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Fluid: How much and what counts?


Fluid: How much and what counts? When it comes to fluid, there are many conflicting messages, as with other nutritional messages. How much should I drink? Do tea and coffee count? What about alcohol? How much? – If you look … Continue reading


Changing perceptions – did you know that young people have strokes too? …


Stroke used to be viewed as an affliction of old age; it was something that happened to your granny or granddad. However, latest figures(1) show that at least 1 in 4 strokes are happening to people of working age and … Continue reading


Stay cool. It’s going to be hot.


Eczema: 5 dilemmas for parents in summer

A heat wave is forecast with temperatures rising above 30 degrees centigrade. Detrimental health effects of hot weather include dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke , which is a medical emergency and can be fatal. Generally the risk of these … Continue reading


A complete guide to Breast Reduction within the UK


Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is an option open to women with overly large breasts. During the procedure, a surgeon will remove excess breast tissue and fat and re-shape the breast to the desired size. Reasons to … Continue reading


And how are the new food allergen regulations being implemented?


How have you found eating out since the new food regulations came in at the end of last year? I cannot resist another little salutary tale, this time to do with the implementation of the regulations in the food service industry. … Continue reading


Ask the pharmacist



Ask the pharmacist is a great service which provides you the opportunity to ask about any topic you like. This includes medicines, advice and confidential questions. If you have a question you’d rather not ask face to face or simply … Continue reading


The most downloaded papers of 2014


Jules_GastroRD: It’s great to know clinical guidelines for dietary management of crohn’s disease in adults was one of the most downloaded papers in JHND! Originally posted on Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Notes: The five most downloaded JHND papers … Continue reading


Clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness of low FODMAP diet


Jules_GastroRD: Just started following JHND blog – see here for a link to a paper published on Group education for the Low FODMAP diet. Originally posted on Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Notes: Clinical effectiveness and economic costs of … Continue reading


Coronary Heart Disease – How we treat it in 2015


ThinkstockPhotos-178628625 (1)  Digital Next

Coronary heart disease, often called ischaemic heart disease is a serious condition and its symptoms include chest pain (angina), heart attacks and heart failure. Not every sufferer presents the same symptoms however, and some patients may not experience any symptoms … Continue reading


‘Alternative’ allergy tests


Sense About Science

  Sense About Science is a scientific charity whose remit is to inform the public and enable them to ‘make sense’ of scientific and medical discussions. A worthy aim in which they are usually moderately successful. However, they have just tackled allergy … Continue reading


World Continence Week – when inhibitions are cast off and awareness is promoted


The first World Continence Week (WCW) was initiated by the international Continence Society (ICS) in Cairo in 2008, with worldwide activities promoted to raise its profile and public awareness. Incontinence and bladder-related problems are now more common than asthma, diabetes … Continue reading


8 Essential tips to look after your teeth this festival season


The long wait is over and this week 135,000 people will descend on Worthy Farm in Glastonbury to herald the real start of the British festival season, amongst all the partying it is important to look after yourself so we … Continue reading


Proud Moments – June 2015


There’s a lovely little thing that happens every month in the ‘Future of Downs’ Facebook group.  We celebrate our children’s milestones and share what’s made us proud. We do this on the 21st to represent the three copies of chromosome … Continue reading


Don’t Let ED Ruin your Relationship


TrafficSource image

Erectile dysfunction can cut right to the core of a couple’s relationship, whether you have been together for years or are just getting into the swing of things. When a man cannot perform in the bedroom it can have devastating, … Continue reading


Gluten recalls


Genius Gluten Free

  There was been a huge outcry on social media and elsewhere recently over gluten contamination that occurred in the Genius factory. It triggered a whole slew of products recalls not only of Genius products but of supermarket freefrom lines … Continue reading


When Sex Is Painful What Can You Do?


The hormonal changes at menopause can make sex more difficult as the body’s natural lubrication diminishes. You don’t have to ‘put up with it’ as restoring hormone balance can really help. This is a frequent concern for women as they … Continue reading


New Meningitis Vaccine.A great Fathers Day Present



Today it was announced that England will become the first country in the world to protect babies against Meningitis B. There is also going to be a vaccine against Meningitis W, which commonly affects teenagers and students.  The new vaccine … Continue reading


Around the world in 80 low FODMAP dishes



That’s right you read it correctly. Two dietitians are going on a trip around the world. Yipee! It’s been a couple of years in the planning – well when I say planning I mean saving money – and come September … Continue reading


Around the world in 80 low FODMAP dishes



That’s right you read it correctly. Two dietitians are going on a trip around the world. Yipee! It’s been a couple of years in the planning – well when I say planning I mean saving money – and come September … Continue reading


This week @ talkhealth


AposTherapy Team

It’s been another very busy week at talkhealth, as always! We are delighted to have an Intern, April, who will be joining us on Monday. She will be primarily helping with our social media campaigns as well as various projects … Continue reading


Frozen Yoghurt Ice Lollies



My kids always want a quick snack when they get home from school, and as the weather is getting hotter, I thought what better treat than homemade ice lollies made from fresh fruit and yoghurt?  These lollies have no added … Continue reading


Informed Choice


It has been kindly brought to my attention this morning that an image of myself and Rosie is being used in the USA for a ‘pro-life’ article fiercely campaigning against abortion.I’d like to state that if you see any articles … Continue reading


Asthma inhalers – A guide for patients


Asthma inhaler being used by boy in blue shirt

Following the article in yesterday’s Daily Mail I thought a brief explanation of what inhalers should be used when, might be worthwhile. Over my more than 30 years in General Practice the treatment of Asthma has improved dramatically. I feel … Continue reading


Fun Sleep-Related Facts You’re Going To Love!


iamge for

Human bodies are very thirsty machines. We need plentiful amounts of food, water and social contact in order to function at peak efficiency, however there is one thing our body requires far more than any of these: sleep. Scientists are … Continue reading


It’s Summer – be careful out there!



With Summer upon us, I thought I would remind people of some of the dangers associated with the great outdoors. Despite the UK being a relatively safe place as far as harmful creatures is concerned there are some that can … Continue reading


Precautionary allergen labelling – have we got the balance wrong?



In managing food allergy there are two major hazards: The failure to recognise a food allergen that has been included in a dish as an ingredient and The accidental contamination of an otherwise allergen-free food with an allergen. But while … Continue reading


Eczema: 5 dilemmas for parents in summer


Dealing with eczema in summer

Eczema is a pain any time of the year and each season brings it’s own problems – too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet (and too much time indoors!).  Summer though, seems to bring most of my dilemmas over … Continue reading


Sunsets and reaching 30! 


‘Every sunset gives us one day less to live but every sunrise gives us one more day to hope, So always hope for the best’ – Anon.  9th April 2015. That was the last day I blogged. It was the … Continue reading


Accidents Happen: Painless Pointers for Injured UK Workers


Accidents Happen

Anyone can have an accident and they can get hurt or seriously injured almost anywhere and under so many different circumstances, but getting hurt at work can be particularly distressing and sometimes avoidable all together. If you suffer an injury … Continue reading


Natural Ways to Increase Pain Tolerance


Living with chronic pain can be a life sentence and many struggle every day. Although pain killers such as Codeine that you buy with a prescription in the UK can help, they are not recommended to be taken for an indefinite … Continue reading


Home Testing: A Revolution in Sexual Health?


When it comes to sexual health, knowledge is power. Many people have HIV and other conditions without knowing it. They might lack any symptoms, so they put off the testing that would enable them to get treatment – and to … Continue reading


How An Ergonomic Chair Can Benefit You


Are you one of the ten million office workers in the UK? Have you ever thought about your work station and how much time during the day you spend sat down on your chair? Well according to BUPA around 1 … Continue reading


Singing Along to the Radio


Have you ever tried turning the volume down on the radio while you are singing along? If you haven’t, you should go try it. It’s hard to remember all the words right? or stay on beat right? Sure you can … Continue reading


Should Boys be Vacccinated against HPV?


Doctor giving a woman a vaccination

As today marks the start of talkhealth’s online clinic on Sexual Health, I thought it appropriate to write about the most common form of sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the UK. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is very common. There are over … Continue reading


Telling the medical wheat from the chaff


Ten days ago I had an exchange with Dr Janice Joneja which illustrated yet again the problems faced by conventional practitioners when dealing with little understood conditions such as autism. Dr Joneja had had an email from a dietitian who had … Continue reading


Sliding Doors


These are my two babies at their 20 week scans…                                   Look very similar, don’t they? Both loved, wanted and unique.  However, one of … Continue reading


Never say never …


close up of female hands holding knee

In February this year I wrote a blog about my running – or should I say a lack of! Late last year, the GP had sent me to the hospital for X-rays as I’d been complaining of very sore knee … Continue reading


What exactly is in e-liquid?


vaping blog_500

Vapers will have heard the magnificent and varied lexicon of flavours, tastes, smells and fantastically elaborate names of e-liquids. They’ll know the feeling in their throat and might be able to compare with the rawness of a cigar or cigarette. … Continue reading


Raising Awarenss: Womb Cancer Support UK


Womb Cancer Support

  Thanks to the posts about my own cancer, I connected with Kaz Molloy, a uterine cancer advocate in the UK. There, uterine cancer is known as “womb cancer.” Kaz says there’s very little awareness of this kind of cancer in the UK. She shares … Continue reading


Smell right and you could be lucky in love



Smelling right could the key to landing a potential partner, results of a new nationwide survey claim. In a new poll looking to expose the UK’s biggest turn-offs when looking for a new partner, bad breath came out on top … Continue reading


The ‘Magic’


A couple of years ago, I nursed a lovely old lady. I’d not met her before and while helping her to have a wash, we got talking about her and her family. She told me about her husband, their two … Continue reading


Accommodating the ageing body!


Demented Editor

These observations are offered for the benefit of anyone of bus-pass age who is getting annoying aches and pains and is attributing them to ‘age’ or the onset of arthritis…. A year or so ago my right hip was starting to … Continue reading


Sudden Infant Death syndrome – Advice for Parents



I have not shaved today. Over 30 years ago I worked for a Paediatrician who had a special interest in what was then termed cot death.  I found it very distressing and emotional dealing with cases.  Little was known about … Continue reading