Here it is! My first professionally shot video series. First up, a little something from my all liquid Anti-Detox book. There are times in life where we just need to kill the inflammation, be it histamine induced, or caused by any of the other inflammation spawning elements released from mast cells when the body is having a bit of a meltdown. I consider this book to be an inflammation busting cleanse, that just also happens to be low histamine as well.

Why liquid? Dr. Fuhrman (my nutritional hero) points out that liquids put less stress on the digestive tract as well as requiring less enzymes to be processed. It’s also what so many of you have written in to request!

You’ll find two juices/smoothies/juicies per day, in addition to very high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients. You absolutely do not need to use this book as a cleanse, you can simply work these recipes into your existing diet.

As with the Anti-Cookbook, nothing in this book is here without purpose. Every single ingredient here is antihistamine and/or anti-inflammatory. Recipes have subs for lower oxalate.


The Anti-cookbook and all liquid Anti-Detox Book, don’t treat any conditions, but are high in the high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ingredients that have been instrumental in helping me feed myself on a limited diet. The Anti-cookbook features a six page list of antihistamine and anti-inflammatory foods and comes in regular and Paleo. 

The Low Oxalate Cookbook features antihistamine and anti-inflammatory rich recipes. 

Don’t miss the Low Histamine Beauty Survival Guide for non-toxic beauty tips, the skinny on histamine releasing (mast cell degranulating) beauty ingredients, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory beauty alternatives and the top brands natural brands I’ve found.

Take a peek at my other low histamine and antihistamine cookbooks for more high nutrient recipes and sign up to my mailing list for freebies. 

Please remember, even antihistamine and anti-inflammatory foods can hurt us, please always exercise caution and consult a medical practitioner before adding new foods. 


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