This month I’ve been testing some very interesting copper infused super soft fabric ladies pyjamas with amazing health giving benefits. If you have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or sensitive dry skin then this blog post is for you.

Anyone with eczema will know that nighttime can be the worst time. It’s a perfect melting pot for itching and scratching. You get warm and for some reason this wakes up the skin and makes you itchy. Maybe it’s dust mites warming up and coming out to play but whatever it is, I have spent many sleepless nights plagued by itchy eczema.

The key is keeping the bedding dust free, clean and cool. Sounds simple but what you wear in bed can be crucial to maintaining this equilibrium. Always wear natural materials against your skin like cotton, bamboo or merino.

But have you ever thought of wearing copper infused pyjamas?
Until just recently I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

Copper Clothing ladies pyjamas - great for eczema skin

Copper Clothing ladies pyjamas – great for eczema skin

I have tried bamboo pyjamas before and found them very soft and not irritating at all, but a trifle hot. So I can wear them in winter but I’m just too hot most of the year, sleeping next someone else.

So I was waiting for some not so hot weather and a stay away from home so the living, breathing hot water bottle (also known as my husband) didn’t warm the bed. The perfect opportunity arose on a recent visit to my Dad’s house.

I wore these new copper pjyamas for three blissful, itch free, peaceful nights and found them so soft and comfortable I hardly knew I was wearing them. I didn’t scratch at all either so the material isn’t irritating at all, it’s so luxurious it feels like silk. Sure enough, when I tried to wear them now I’m home, I get too hot and have to remove them in the night. Perhaps the makers could create a shorts and short sleeved version for those of us sharing a bed in the summer when it’s too hot for long jimjams.

Why should copper make such a difference?

This is what the people at Copper Clothing say about their copper infused garments:

  • The fabric is soft, comfortable, warm and breathable
  • These copper / bamboo mix pyjamas are a health inspired design and can be worn for long periods of time, for example hospitals or care homes
  • Tested and proven to be anti MRSA
  • Anti static
  • Copper / Bamboo infused garments are soft and smooth with no spurs to irritate eczema sufferers & can help with dry skin
  • Bamboo fabric is known for fantastic moisture management
  • Promotes Blood Flow
  • No need to launder as often as other pyjamas – LESS LAUNDRY!
  • Odour resistant – Feel fresh for longer
  • Contains: 60% Copper infused Yarn, 40% Bamboo Yarn incorporating deowear® technology

I also tried a pair of copper infused knickers which were very comfortable but I’m afraid they are in the wash. I cannot get my head around not washing your under crackers every day. Maybe that’s just me…

If you have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or are prone to getting skin infections like boils etc. these pyjamas could be just perfect. They are so soft on the skin and feel really comfortable.

I had been holding off trying them as I don’t wear much in bed this time of year, I get too hot. But these jimjams are not hot and clingy. I didn’t get over heated in the night and hadn’t removed them during my sleep either. I now can’t wait for some cooler nights so I can snuggle up in my new copper pyjamas or some nights away from home without the hot one. Who thought I would look forward to going to bed? No rude jokes here please!

Visit www.copperclothing.co.uk for more details about copper infused super soft ladies pyjamas and their health benefits. As mentioned above, they also make underwear, socks and loads of other copper clothing.

I love them! and so far, after a week of wearing, they still feel really soft, smell lovely and don’t seem dirty at all. How long can I wear then before I wuss out and wash them?

What do you wear in bed if you have eczema? Do you get itchy at night? How do you stay cool and itch free?


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