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mann mit rückenschmerzenDo you have an aching back, that is either a sudden occurrence or been your companion for a long time? For some quick ways to get rid of back pain, check out these time tested remedies and tips. Numerous people suffering from back pain pay an annual visit to their chiropractors.

What is chiropractic care?

It is the diagnosis and treatment of ailments that are related to nerves, muscles, cartilages, bones and joints. So what do chiropractors do? The major process followed by the practitioners of chiropractic care is the manipulation of the spine by hand, thereby adjusting it to its correct position. It is believed in this branch of healthcare, that the proper position of the spine will relieve the pain without any medication or surgical treatment. For more information about back pain, check out these back pain symptoms and causes.

How does chiropractic care work?

Proper alignment of the spine allows the body to heal itself by reducing the stress on the Central Nervous System – this is the core belief of chiropractic care. Your health will be evaluated on your first visit – details of your lifestyle, posture, diet, sleeping pattern, current health issues, past illnesses, history of substance abuse, etc. will be taken down. To find out additional causes of your back pain, the chiropractor may ask you to get X-rays, take your blood pressure and give you a physical examination of the current condition and position of your spine. To deal with your back pain better, you can check out these surprising cures for back pain.

The process of chiropractic treatment

When your chiropractor has decided on your treatment plan you will require to attend a number of sittings, and may be given nutritional supplements and advised to use hot and cold packs, take regular exercise and switch to a healthier diet. The chiropractor, during treatment, will use his/her hands to put pressure on focal points on your spine to re-align the various joints. Typically, a joint is moved to its extreme, followed by a light thrust. Gradually, this method changes the position of your spine and makes it straighter. You may also be given a massage on softer tissues to relax your muscles. Depending on your condition, you will be prescribed a certain number of sittings.

At first you might feel a little sore and stiff, especially after the initial sessions, but this is normal – your spine is getting accustomed to its new position. But your sessions should not result in more pain. However, keep in mind that you should not seek a chiropractor’s help if you have broken bones, bone infections, spinal cord compression, severe arthritis or osteoporosis. A chiropractor can help you best in cases of neck pain, headaches, sub-acute back pain and when chronic back pains flare up.

Benefits of chiropractic care-

This is a very safe and effective method that relieves musculo-skeletal and nervous ailments- there are no invasive techniques or medications. It rarely, if ever, worsens the condition of back pain. It is safer than surgeries, especially spinal surgeries which can be fatal. Even though chiropractic care is holistic and natural, it is completely based on science – the practitioners have to acquire undergraduate and postgraduate degrees along with a license.

Cons –

However, there are a few cons related to the chiropractic practices. This alternative form of treatment is mostly not covered by your health insurance company. This branch of treatment also does not have enough research behind it.


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