There are a growing number of restaurants, pubs and cafes who are happy and willing to cater for the allergic and gluten free community but we need more.

Just yesterday I met a guy who is opening a freefrom deli and two pubs in my local area – watch this space for more news on this when it breaks. This is proof that there is a gap in the market for this kind of offering. This guy has no allergies and is coming from it from a purely business perspective. He has found a great chef who has the same passions and who sees catering for people with allergies and coeliac disease as a challenge that is actually easy to meet. She said, “Cutting out the ingredients like dairy and gluten actually make cooking simpler, not more complicated. All those dishes you learn to cook when training can so rich, over complicated and easy to mess up if not done correctly. Cooking without butter for instance has made me create much simpler, healthier and tastier dishes and everyone wants to be healthier these days so it’s a win win situation.”

Get your restaurant on the allergen community’s radar – enter the FreeFrom Eating out Awards today!

If you have a food service outlet and would like to tap into this exciting and very interactive and talkative community check out the FreeFrom Eating out Awards 2015.

But listen up… you only have a matter of weeks to enter. Entries close on 28th August so get creative and put your freefrom restaurant on the map.

Now in its second year, the awards seek to reward those establishments who go above and beyond the call of duty in catering for people allergic guests. Understanding what allergens are, cross contamination and how to create great food without certain troublesome ingredients takes great passion and dedication.

FreeFrom Eating Out Awards 2014 winners

FreeFrom Eating Out Awards 2014 winners

You won’t regret entering, I promise, but if you do, watch out for your secret squirrel judges who will be visiting to check out whether your credentials live up to your entry form 
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