Tune in next week on BBC1 at 8pm if you love baking and want to watch this year’s contestants bake #freefrom. The programme is called, ‘Alternative ingredients’ which isn’t the most exciting catch line but the allergic and gluten free, coeliac community will be tuning en masse.
Great British Bake off does freefrom
Here’s what you’ll get to enjoy:

‘The remaining bakers must bake without sugar, gluten or dairy – but thankfully not all in the same challenge.

First up, the signature challenge sees the bakers create a variety of sugar-free cakes, from an upside-down pineapple cake to carrot cakes. They use honey, agave syrup and fruit, but there’s more to replacing sugar than just adding sweetness. For one baker, going sugar-free isn’t enough as they take the healthy option one step further and bake a cake without any traditional forms of flour.

Paul picks the technical challenge, gluten-free pittas, which are made with a very sticky dough that tests the bakers’ skill – but which of them can get the desired pocket within their pittas?

For their show-stopper, the bakers must make dairy-free ice cream rolls. Mary and Paul are looking for silky-smooth ice cream, surrounded by jam and a light sponge. Coconut milk provides the base for all the ice cream, tropical flavours are in abundance, and there’s more than one desert island for the judges to try – and even a fondant sunbather.’

Well who doesn’t love a fondant sunbather!?

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how they get on with gluten free pittas. I am still dreaming about the BFree wheat, dairy and egg free pittas I discovered at the Allergy Show this year. What has happened to them? Did I dream them? where have they done?

Find out more about the Great British Bake off here.

And if you’re watching, remember to tweet @Britishbakeoff and use the hashtag #GBBO


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