I’ve talked about this before. Sharing. I’m not good at it. Not when it comes to my special #freefrom carefully sought and expensively bought wares.

Especially not when it comes to chocolate because the chocolate I eat has to be bought online from specialist retailers. You can’t just pick up any bar from the shops.

This week however I was feeling generous because my lovely ‘tea and chocolate loving’ friend Olivia popped in to see me for a cuppa and because I had some dairy, nut and soya free Ombar raw chocolate to try.

This is one of the joys of being a #freefrom blogger. Occasionally you get lovely things in the post to try.

Ombar dairy, gluten, wheat, soya and nut free chocolate

Ombar dairy, gluten, wheat, soya and nut free chocolate

Ombar chocolate is made with raw, organic Ecuadorian cacao, unrefined coconut sugar and real juicy fruits. They are all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and come in nine different varieties.

We ate a small bar of the good old 90% cocoa dark chocolate which was divine. It went very well with KromLand Honeybush and Rooibosh tea. More on that soon…

I say we ate and I say we shared

I think Livs might have got one or two squares but I certainly ate more of it than her and I definitely ate the last piece without offering any.

OK, I know, that’s not polite but I’m working on it. The sharing of #freefrom treats doesn’t come naturally to me alright?

I also demolished a bar of Strawberry Mylk flavour, made with creamed coconut so it was totally dairy, nut and soya free, which was possibly my second favourite after the 90% cocoa one.

I wasn’t so keen on the Blueberry and Acai berry variety, I’m not sure why. I think I’m a traditional chocolate-taste girl but having said that the strawberry one was to die for.

They do loads of other flavours including lemon and green tea, cranberry and mandarin and goji berry.

I’m tempted by the lemon and green tea but think I’d probably buy the plain one most often because I have developed quite a palate for very dark chocolate.

Allergy Information: This chocolate does have a may contain warning for traces of nuts and soya.

Trying to get hold of some once you’re hooked is not so easy. I have found them on Ocado and if you live in London you can get them through Planet Organic or Wholefoods.


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