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Dear Mrs Pipe, Your poor husband is seriously allergic to pine needles. Is your love of Christmas really more important than your husband?

My brother sent me this little article from the Metro last night and I couldn’t help feeling very sorry for Mr Pipe who is allergic to pine needles and so has to suffer allergic rashes and rhinitis until the Christmas tree comes down in January.


Now I know how much some people LOVE Christmas and many do prefer a real tree but if you were married to someone who was allergic to pine needles would you really insist on having one?

Pine allergy can make Christmas an allergic nightmare

Pine allergy can make Christmas an allergic nightmare

You can get some pretty amazing fake trees now that look so close to the real thing.

Can I persuade you to ditch the real pine tree Mrs Pipe?

Please let your husband have a fake one. He clearly loves Christmas too since he is happy to put the non-allergic tree up himself and decorate it in the vain hope that he might get away without pine needles again…

I have honestly never met a man who volunteered to put up the Christmas tree.

My husband would happily sail through Christmas without a single decoration if I wasn’t around to create some festive cheer. #BahHumbug

But can you really be that selfish you can’t get through Christmas without a real Christmas tree?

10 Reasons to have a fake Christmas tree if your husband is allergic to pine needles

Here are some benefits of having a fake tree, to try to persuade Mrs Pipe to see sense. Please let your husband have a fake tree Layla! What would it really cost you to help him enjoy Christmas without suffering?

  1. Firstly and most importantly, YOUR HUSBAND IS ALLERGIC TO PINE! Ditch the real one and put up the fake one. No debate really. Out of respect for your husband have some compassion and stop his yearly sneezing and allergic rashes.
  2. You can get some very realistic fake trees these days which look just like the real thing.
  3. They often have the lights already fitted so no fiddling with the fairy lights, untangling wires etc.
  4. They cost about the same as a real one and they just keep on giving. You can reuse them year after year and they do last a pretty good length of time if ours is anything to go by.
  5. They don’t drop needles (until they get a bit old, like ours, which has not begun to shed a few. We can forgive a ten year old tree for losing a few fake needles
  6. It can be taken apart, put into a box and stored away tidily until next year
  7. You don’t have to leave it in the garden for months in the new year until you can get around to taking it to the tip
  8. It’s better for the environment if trees are not cut down. Save the planet and get a fake tree
  9. Your husband deserves better Mrs Pipe! and you are being a little bit selfish to put his health behind your need for a real tree…
  10. Everyone knows Santa won’t bring you any presents if you’ve been bad. I think he would take a very dim view of selfish behaviour like this. Allergies are not funny, they are painful, exhausting and not taken seriously enough. Don’t expect any presents under the tree! Although I’m sure the long suffering Mr Pipe will get you one… because despite all this nonsense with the tree he probably does still love you.

Have I persuaded you to have a change of heart? I don’t want to start a vendetta or argument but this is really unfair.

My husband happily forgoes his much loved nuts because I’m highly allergic to them. There is a very strict nut ban in our house which he is happy to go along with. When I go away on business though or if he’s out with his mates he does let rip with the roasted peanuts. There is always room for compromise and this is just a no brainer to me.

Ditch the real tree. Donate it a local school, business or charity and let your husband relax and enjoy a sneeze and wheeze free Christmas for once. Please?



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