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I discovered this stuff at the FreeFrom Food Awards judging session last week. Honestly, how can I have a diagnosed soya allergy for over three years and not have discovered that there is a fairly widely available and pretty amazing alternative to soya sauce?

‘Coconut Aminos’ have apparently been around for some time and are very popular in the US. I was lucky enough to arrive home with the opened bottle of Coconom Coconut Aminos from the judging session and it lived up to all my hopes and expectations and more.

What is Coconom Coconut Aminos soya free seasoning made from?

So what’s it made from? Well this is the most incredible bit. It contains just two ingredients:

  • 100% pure coconut sap
  • sun dried sea salt

That’s it!
Nothing else. So not only is this soya free, it’s also clean and fits in with my ‘No processed food diet’.

Cooking with Coconom Coconut Aminos soya free seasoning

Having slurped a tiny smidgeon at the judging session I wasn’t quite sure how it would turn out. One doesn’t really drink soya sauce! And I can’t lie, drinking this stuff wasn’t very pleasurable but I knew it tasted like my once favourite cooking condiment soya sauce. It even smells like it. I was the only judge on the panel with a soya allergy and I don’t think they quite got my unbridled excitement about this sauce. I came home very excited about cooking with it and I wasn’t disappointed.

Incredible soya free soya sauce alternative - Coconut Aminos

Incredible soya free soya sauce alternative – Coconut Aminos

For one horrible moment when I had poured a generous glug into the chicken stir fry I thought, “Oh no, it smells awful, that was too much, I’ve ruined this meal…” but it’s been a while since I cooked with soya. I remembered all those times when I’ve added tamarind, fish sauce etc. they are all pretty horrible on their own, but added to a meal they create amazing flavours.

The most amazing chicken stir fry, made with #Soyafree Soya sauce alternative Coconut Aminos

The most amazing chicken stir fry, made with #Soyafree Soya sauce alternative

When I dished up the stir fry I was nervous but we both LOVED it. It is truly delicious and absolutely divine. Mr What Allergy absolutely loved it. He said he couldn’t tell the taste from that of normal soya sauce and helped himself to a second serving.

This is the most amazing thing I’ve discovered for my #freefrom cupboard in my whole life.

Where can I buy Coconut Aminos?

You can buy coconut aminos direct from Coconom, as well as lot of other coconut products which look exciting too. It is also available from Planet Organic and lots of other online shops. Visit their website for a full list of stockists. There is also a massive selection of Coconut Aminos on Amazon including this DOUBLE PACK (2 X) Coconut Secret, Raw Coconut Aminos, Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce, 8 fl oz (237 ml)

This really has been one of those light bulb moments. This stuff is so versatile and really has made my week, my year, my whole judging experience. This is my pick. My favourite of all the things I tried. THIS is why I love the FreeFrom Food Awards :)



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