This is a funny story about how I discovered I had a stalker and not just any old stalker. This stalker was trying to find out more about me and wanted to meet me too.

My sister is the one who finally connected me with my stalker. We have now met and are now in touch about various allergy and blog related things.

But we’re jumping ahead.

It happened when my sister was chatting to a couple of friends. She lives in Enfield which is quite a way from where I live, so we don’t share many mutual friends.

This is how the conversation went…

Stalker: I have been following this amazing blog and I really want to meet the lady who writes it.

Sister: My sister writes a blog. Which blog are you talking about.

Stalker: What Allergy. It’s so brilliant and has helped me so much with my allergies. Better than any doctor has.

Sister: Oh no way. That’s my sister.

Stalker: Not your sister Ruth. Ruth Holroyd.

Sister: My sister IS Ruth Holroyd.

Stalker: No. I mean THE Ruth Holroyd. Not your sister Ruth. The Ruth Holroyd who writes What Allergy.

Sister: It is my sister. Ruth Holroyd who writes What allergy blog is MY sister.

Stalker: No. What?

Sister: Laughing

Stalker: Really? Your sister is THE Ruth Holroyd?

Sister: ROFL

Everyone in the room: ROFL

Stalker: Oh my word! I have to meet her. Can you ask your sister if she’ll meet me?

Sister: ROFL

Stalker: Stop laughing. Snigger. Giggle. ROFL

Everyone and Stalker: ROFL

Sister: My sister, THE Ruth Holroyd is going to love this when I tell her.

You will be pleased to know what I have now met my stalker and she’s lovely. Samina has a child with allergies and one without any; I still don’t know how that happens, the body is a very clever and complex machine.

Samina herself has allergies so she lives with them day-to-day and struggles just like everyone else. I am hoping to have a cookery lesson with her soon and my lovely sister too. She teaches freefrom cookery and is working on a tomato free curry sauce experiment for me.

We have some exciting plans afoot which you’ll hear about soon but I am proud of my stalker. I’ll get a photo next time we meet, which was due to be last week but due to illness we have postponed.

Samina, my stalker is lovely. ?

And apart from a few times being spotted at The Allergy Show this is a new thing for me. Being famous. I think I quite like it. I know stalking can be a serious thing so I don’t want to downplay the more sinister and disturbing side of stalking in any way.

I just thought you’d all enjoy a laugh.
Before I apologise for not blogging much lately. I’ve been so busy and this blog is a hobby so it’s been kind of neglected. I have so much still to share and so many blog ideas so bear with me.

Blogs pending and I’ve got loads to tell you all.

Bows to adoring fans ?


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