If you’re going on holiday you would never forget to pack your passport, EHIC card, or tickets so there is no reason to forget travel insurance.


In the world of public transport and travelling there will always be delays, so if your flight has been delayed flying out on your holiday or coming home at least you will be covered. Most travel insurance policies cover delays and you could receive compensation if your flight has been delayed for longer than 12 hours.


If there has been an emergency at home you may have to cancel or shorten your holiday. In the case of a close relative falling ill you’ll be reluctant to go away and leave them, so it is always better to have travel insurance and not need it, than not have travel insurance and need it. No matter where you get your travel insurance from make sure you read the company’s policies – if a friend has fallen ill and you cancel your holiday or cut it short, compensation may not be given as it’s not a relative.

Lost Luggage

Millions of bags a year get lost by airlines, so by making a small purchase for travel insurance it could prove to be a pay off if you’re clothes, your laptop or camera ends up going missing or being stolen. Some travel insurance will also cover loss or stolen cash and travel documents including your passport, EHIC card, and tickets.

Medical Cover

The most important factor to consider when travelling is your health. If you happen to be taken ill or have an accident while on holiday having travel insurance will benefit you as the costs will be covered. Travel insurance policies will vary depending on your medical conditions, age and health. Unfortunately travellers with medical conditions should expect to pay more for travel insurance but that shouldn’t put you off and nor should the medical screening. The medical screening for travel insurance is only a few straightforward questions that are easily answered.

Types of Travelling

Most travel insurance companies offer different types of cover depending on your travelling habits. If you’re simply going away for a long weekend, it’s best to get a single trip cover. Single trip covers often have different cover options depending on what type of holiday you’re going on and who with. Travel insurance can cover couples, families and groups going away on holiday.

If you have to take business trips or if you have several holidays booked this year, many travel insurances have an option for multi-trip covers in which you’ll have to adjust the policies. Travel insurance will acclimate to the type of your trip whether you’re going skiing, on a golf holiday or going on a cruise. If you’re taking a gap year or you’re about to go travelling you should still get travel insurance as it will cover you for an extended amount of time.

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