This wasn’t just any old breakfast. This was no greasy spoon. Number Twenty Six in Teignmouth, Devon, is a lovely little cafe bistro that my Dad and I discovered many years ago while out walking. That first visit was great and I had a gluten free sandwich. We returned for a special belated birthday breakfast and they didn’t disappoint.

Number Twenty One Bistro in Teignmouth - best gluten and dairy free breakfast

Number Twenty Six Bistro in Teignmouth – best gluten and dairy free breakfast

They were very clued up for gluten free food requests; the only thing not suitable were the sausages. This would be the only suggestion to enhance their #GF menu. I even got saute potatoes and some delicous and delicate salad on the side.

They were happy to go through every element of the breakfast I chose and gave me extra bacon and egg to make up the sausage that I couldn’t have. Nothing was too much for them. I was able to have mine cooked in oil and they even did a special portion of mushrooms in oil for me.

Normally I will get told that the mushrooms are cooked in butter and that’s that! So I miss out on my favourite breakfast accompaniment, but this time I had my mushrooms.

Really tasty crispy bacon and perfectly cooked egg. Really a rather delicious breakfast. I love a poached egg and being completely incompetent at achieving this myself it’s lovely to have one when eating out. Apologies to all of you with an egg allergy. There was plenty on the menu that didn’t have egg.

I had my own gluten free and wheat free toast which I think was Genius but forgot to ask. I did take in my own spread and milk. They had soya and almond milk in stock which weren’t good for me but I’m sure they would get different milk if you phoned to book and told them your allergies.

If you are in Teignmouth this place is well worth the visit.


Thank you to Dad and Liz for taking us. It was a really delicious breakfast and such a treat to be able to order from the menu and get almost everything on offer! Great coffee too!

Finally here is a very bad selfie complete with seriously bad hat hair!

Here we are, me, Ken, Dad and Liz in Number Twenty One

Here we are, me, Ken, Dad and Liz in Number Twenty Six

Has anyone else been here? Well worth a visit and just a stone’s throw from lovely Teignmouth beach.

PS. Tracy… another breakfast with salad! ?

PPS. They have a branch in Dartmouth too which is currently closed for winter but also worth visiting later in the year


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