Treloar Talks

18 Mar 2016

At talkhealth, we believe strongly in the importance of talking about health issues. Last week, then, we were delighted to attend the inaugural Treloar Talks event – an evening of fascinating presentations from an eclectic group of speakers in support of The Treloar Trust, a charitable foundation which supports Treloar School and Treloar College, institutions which provide specialist education and care for students with physical disabilities.


Some of the speakers at March's Treloar Talks event

Some of the speakers at March’s Treloar Talks event

The speakers included Treloar’s patron and former Lord Mayor, Sir David Brewer; Alastair Stewart, who you may know as a newsreader on ITV; Lieutenant-General Sir Hew Pike; Paralympian and former Treloar’s student Ben Rushgrove; and Chris Moon, who you may know as the ‘luckiest man alive’, having been captured by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and lost his arm and leg in an explosion in Africa. Each of the speakers spoke captivatingly about their interesting lives. The event was a tremendous success, raising over £1,000 and a considerable amount of awareness for Treloar’s.


The money and support will go a very long way for Treloar’s, which relies on private donations and supports around 150 students each year. Over 40 disabilities are represented in the student population; and many students have complex or multiple disabilities, communication or sensory impairment, or learning difficulties. Most of the students use wheelchairs; the most common conditions among students are cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. Around a fifth of the students have a life-limiting condition.


Treloar's school and college

Treloar’s school and college

Treloar’s fundraising team has to find around £1.5 million every year to provide therapies, equipment and services for severely disabled young people. All donations are invested in the young people to help them to as independent, pain free, healthy life as possible – you can make a donation on Treloar’s website.



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