Just a really quick blog to let you all know about the British Gut project. It’s a subject that fascinates me and numerous studies have shown that factors affecting gut microbiota can have a huge impact of whether certain people get eczema, allergies and asthma.

The Great British Gut Project

The British Gut project

Basically you sign up, it costs about £75 minimum to take part, you get a sample toolkit in the post and you send off your poo to be analysed.

It’s really so easy to do. You get two cotton buds which need only a tiny sample on the end of each so you don’t need to collect a proper stool sample or anything.

What is a little more daunting is the food survey which did take me some time to complete. Make sure you put aside at least half an hour for this, if not more.

When you get your sterile sample kit in the post you must register, complete the survey and send it back pretty sharpish after taking the sample.

Thanks to my allergy dietitian Liane Reeves at Oxford Radcliffe hospital for putting me onto this. It’s just one of the presents I’m giving myself this year for generally being awesomer each day :)

Check out their website and add your stool sample to the Great British Gut project here:

You may find out some interesting things about your gut microbiota, what bacteria are living there and potentially this could lead to answers and potential routes to easing any symptoms such as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence etc. If you have issues with your gut and can afford to take part it’s an interesting research project to get involved with.

Could deficiencies or overgrowths in your gut be causing your food intolerances or stomach cramps?
I can’t wait to find out my results


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