I just had to share this because I don’t know what I’d do without ilumi pouch meals. I always have some in stock because I can eat some of their soups and curry #freefrom meals and it is just such a treat not to have to cook every meal from scratch.

If you have a nut allergy their curries are a godsend because they are all nut free. They are also wheat free, dairy free and soya free (some do have soya so always read the label). They cost about £2.99 each which makes them a very reasonable ready meal alternative for the allergic consumer.

Many are also celery free and some don’t have tomato so that leaves me with at least ten products I can eat.

But getting to the point… they are now available in Aldi for 99p a pouch.

 ilumi pouch soups are now available in Aldi for just 99p each

Newsflash: ilumi pouch soups are now available in Aldi for just 99p each

I know! What a bargain!

The soups usually cost £1.99 from ilumi direct though they are also on offer ‘Buy one get one free’ at the moment too so if you can’t find them in your local Aldi. visit the ilumi website.

Get them quick though while stocks last because if I’ve just been in there the shelf might be bare.

They do a Pea, mint and pancetta soup and a Butternut Squash soup that I can eat which are both delicious. These are also both celery free soups! A very rare thing to find.

ilumi pouch meals can also be found in Morrisons at the moment too but none of the ones in stock there are suitable for me due to the dreaded tomato. But if you can eat tomato you’re fine.

So get out there and bag some ilumi bargains while stocks last.


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