My favourite pub and amazing winners of the Free From Eating out Awards in 2015 has had to close due to a fire. I am so sad about this because they make such an effort to provide me with a choice of starter, main and pudding and it’s always such great tasting food.

Alford Arms closed

So sad that The Alford Arms is closed due to a fire… but they plan to reopen!

I am even more sad because we didn’t go there in January for my birthday as planned… we were going to visit but we hadn’t got around to it and now it’s too late.

They do plan to reopen so if you would like to visit keep checking their website to see when they’ll be open again.

You can visit their website here http://alfordarmsfrithsden.co.uk

I cannot wait for them to open again soon and will let you know when they’re all up and running again.

I just wanted to avoid anyone driving out to them and finding them shut… it’s quite a long way and very out of the way.

Hurry up Alford Arms and open again soon please.
It’s a very sad world without you :(


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