It doesn’t matter what your skin looks like. Don’t miss out on being spontaneous, feeling the sun on your skin and getting those white legs out this summer.

Don’t be shy. Don’t hide away. Who cares what people say?

I have the scars from nodular prurigo on my legs at the moment, which have mostly healed now ie. no itchy lumps. But they have left red marks which look like insect bites.

I get so many comments about how awful it must be to be so plagued by bugs and how painful. Well yeah it sucks to have nodular prurigo but insects can’t stand the taste of me. Every cloud? #SilverLining ?

So here is my first attempt at a video blog (vlog). One take and lots of lessons learnt. Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback. The next vlog should be less jerky, landscape instead of portrait, slightly more focused and clearer on the content and objective, the key message etc. But you’ll get the gist.

I’m pretty impressed with my first attempt… I managed to show my legs (in the end) without falling over or flashing my knickers so we’re all good.

So my take home lessons from this vlog? Don’t bother what people think. You’re awesome. Just keep on striving to avoid those triggers, be kind to your skin and be proud of who you are. Don’t let eczema, psoriasis or NP define who you are.

Some people will comment and to those people I say, just think before you do. Even if it’s just someone who is plagued by insect bites – they are probably really self conscious so just don’t say anything, unless you know the person really well. Don’t judge anyone, just have some compassion and empathy for what it costs to get our scars out in public.

Just ignore the nasty red marks, scars, welts. Whatever. Just don’t comment.

And to those people WITH nodular prurigo, eczema, psoriasis or anything that affects their skin and how they look or how they think they look, just get out there.

Eczema cartoon

Eczema cartoon from the National Eczema Society

Don’t let your skin hold you back.

Don’t let anything hold you back.

Just enjoy the summer, wear the clothes you want to wear and be proud.

You’re all beautiful and unique and I’m proud of you all for coping with this. Thank you all for all your support, comments and for sharing your journeys with me too. Let’s get out there and show em. Eczema isn’t catching. Get those eczema legs and arms out this summer! :)


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