This is a rant and I may be being unreasonable again but don’t pity me. Don’t look at me and think… poor thing. And NEVER EVER say, “Oh Poor Ruth!” when a table of food is mostly off limits apart from a few safe things.

Don't pity me... I have allergies. It's not so bad. My life is so rich in other ways

Don’t pity me… I have allergies. It’s not so bad. My life is so rich in other ways

Just don’t do it. DON’T DO IT!

I don’t have lots of money but I am not poor. I’m pretty sure no one with any kind of disability wants to be referred to as ‘Poor anyone’. It made me cross.

But why? The person wasn’t meaning to be rude and I know this.

Am I just being over sensitive?

They are one of the kindest, most gentle people I know and also someone who I trust around food and who has always welcomed me to their home and fed me. They might dread my visits but I’m not aware of this. Heh Heh 😉

It’s just something to think about. Would you say to a person in a wheelchair, ‘Oh poor you… you can’t walk…’

No you would not. Not unless you were incredible insensitive.

And if we are somewhere and there is NOTHING I can eat. Still… please don’t pity me. I will usually have food squirreled in my bag and am not going to starve from missing a meal.

It’s my life and I’m pretty happy most of the time.

Just don’t pity me or one day I might get REALLY cross with you… you have been warned. I… am… not… poor! Despite the cost of freefrom food I’m doing quite OK thank you :)


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