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The lovely people at the Newburn Bakehouse sent me a huge box of their new #glutenfree thins to try out.

Look out for the new Seeded Sandwich Thins and Fruity Snack Thins with orange and sultana.
Both varieties were really tasty and definitely ‘Free of gluten, Full of Soul!’

They are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free so perfect for me. A little bit of a treat on my current #NoProcessedFood diet but we let these slip past the radar.

The challenge was to create a new recipe for how you eat yours. I’ll be honest, 9/10 I’d eat them with just some dairy free spread or pure coconut butter.

Newburn Bakehouse Seeded Thins with caramelised onion humous, courgette and mange tout

Newburn Bakehouse #glutenfree Seeded Thins with caramelised onion humous, courgette and mange tout

Mr What Allergy went for the plain white thins. He said, “Can I have another one?” He had the plain thins with marmite… urgh! I did let him have another but it’s hard to share when someone does THAT to a harmless thin.

There were far too many in the box for me and Mr What Allergy to consume on our own, so I took them into my office at Anytime Fitness.

Thanks to all my colleagues who took the time to not only enjoy the thins, but also give me some feedback on what they thought.

Me and Clare - loving the new Newburn Bakehouse thins

Me and Clare – loving the new Newburn Bakehouse thins

Here’s what they said…

Clare – Yeah, nice. They taste a bit like hot cross buns.
Sue – I really enjoyed them, big flavour for small piece of bread!
Richard – Actually look pretty nice. I don’t really eat bread but they look good. Quite high in sugar and salt but guessing that’s the gluten and wheat avoidance.

Quite a few just got wolfed down with melted butter. No complaints from anyone.

Newburn Bakehouse gluten free thins

Kayleigh tried the Orange and Sultana flavour

Thanks for the fun selfies guys.

This is what Kayleigh said…

“I really like the idea of Orange and Sultana bread.

It sounded like the perfect combination and to be honest the brief glimpses I got of orange where lovely, very reminiscent of hot crust buns, but there wasn’t nearly enough fruit in there for my liking.”

So the concensus was they taste pretty similar to hot cross buns but maybe, need a little but more fruit in them?

Same with the seeded thins. They were very tasty but I think could have had more seeds for more bite.

These things may of course not be easy things to do with gluten free baking but top marks.

I loved the orange and sultana ones just with melted coconut butter. Mmmmmm.

Newburn Bakehouse told me these new thins are softer and lighter than earlier creations and also contain 30% less calories. Look out for them in supermarkets. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.



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