What is all the fuss about with Oreos? At work, if anyone is traveling to America there is a whole bunch of my colleagues who are clamouring for particular Oreo’s to be brought back through customs for them. I mean, do they really need so many flavours? Birthday cake Oreo, banana split oreo, peanut butter oreo… Clare – your Oreo fetish is now famous.

And because I have had a nut allergy pretty much all my life, and now a wheat, dairy and soya allergy, I’ve never eaten an Oreo.

I’ve also never eaten a Snickers bar for obvious reasons.
I have never eaten a Toblerone.
Nor a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar.

But as a child I did play Russian Roulette with the Revels. Please note, this was years before we knew my nut allergy was life threatening.

I used to suck the chocolate off until I discovered what was inside… and got to be quite an expert at telling just from the shape, because I got a mild reaction from doing this. Not for the faint-hearted! Kids – please don’t do this at home. But do check out the funny YouTube video for Revels where they play, guess what? Russian Roulette with Revels!

Except I loved the coffee flavour ones and hated the peanut ones. Even more disgusting? I think my brother may have eaten the part sucked peanut reject Revels. In our defence, we didn’t get sweets often… ha ha.

The doctor just told my mum, “OK so she seems to have some kind of reaction when she eats nuts. Don’t give her nuts.”

No shit Sherlock!

My poor Mother used to sit by my bedside waking me up throughout those long nights when I would be so ill I was almost unconscious.

But I lived the tell the tale and quite honestly, I don’t feel the loss of Oreos. Not much anyway. Just a little jealousy for those who can just dip into any biscuit jar or grab any chocolate treat they fancy.

And so it was with some excitement this week, when placing an order for the amazing gluten, dairy, nut and soya free doughnuts that Sweetcheeks makes that I discovered she makes Gloreos… gluten free oreos. Who even knew there was such a thing! #glutenfreeoreos #gloreos

And so I will be able to say, very soon, that I have indeed eaten an oreo, or rather a Gloreo

If you want to find out what fellow gluten free and almond allergic blogger Gluten Free Mrs D thought of these, read, Sweetcheeks gluten-free, vegan baked goods blog

They are gluten free and vegan freefrom Oreos. I can’t wait!

Catherine, Sweetcheeks – please send them quick :)

What I would love to hear is, what is your favourite freefrom treat and what do you really miss or think you’d miss cos you’ve never even had it?


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