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If you, or perhaps someone that you know, need to go to an intensive rehabilitation facility then you may be considering a 30 day program. This is exactly what it sounds like, a month on lock down without the influences of the outside world. This can be helpful but there can be many different rehab centers to pick from, you might not even know where to begin!

The first thing to consider is the program itself, you might not be ready to make that kind of commitment. If you have work commitments then you may need to disclose your health problems to your employer. Even if you’re not working, you’ll want to consider if you’re really ready to make the change and go to a residential facility.

Most of the information that you need on these rehab centers can be found online. One thing you should think about is whether the staff are well qualified. Ideally, you want a mixture of medical professionals and care helpers that know what they’re doing with regards to treatment. There should always be medical help on hand, steer clear of places without enough doctors or nurses to cater to their capacity.

Different techniques can be used by a medical center to help their patients, some of which can be controversial. You’ll want to investigate this beforehand and see if they tie in with your own personal feeling on rehab. Some prefer a holistic approach and others like to be able to use medication where appropriate.


Further to this, some rehab facilities don’t have great reputations when it comes to their treatment plans. Look into reviews or general gossip about the place before you go ahead and sign yourself up. A month is a long time to spend in a place if you don’t agree with the treatment style. We see a lot of alternatives on the market to attempt to alleviate addictions, though not all will suit you.

The location is also important, as the chances are you will be living in the facility for the month. While it’s not essential, many people like rehabilitation programs with a luxury twist. This can help them feel like they’re more on a holiday and detoxing, rather than a less glamorous alternative. If this is the kind of thing that you like then these options do exist.

The time after a detox can be just as important as the time spent in the facility itself. For this reason, a lot of rehab facilities also offer aftercare programs to be used in conjunction with their 30 day service. This can give you the support you need even when you have your freedom back. When you leave a facility, you will be able to buy alcohol or abuse drugs once more. Ideally you want a facility that offers aftercare to mitigate the effects of going back to the outside world.

These aftercare options may come in the form of meetings or counselling, using them can make a massive difference to your recovery. Many people think that because they have managed 30 days without their substance, they’ll be fine from there on out. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to lapse and many can even hide this if they feel ashamed of the outcome.

Many people also find it useful to know that they can extend their stay, something that not every facility will offer. Making the jump from 30 days to 60 days can seem extreme but it can be very helpful too. Even just knowing that option is there can reduce frustrations or fears about going back home. Of course, this would only be subject to an advisor allowing it and condoning that it was the best course of action for you.

Finally, the financial aspect of a 30 day program should also be on your radar. These detoxification times don’t need to break the bank but you can still shop in a smart way. Some people go to a hospital to complete a detox, but this won’t be for as long and can be very expensive. It can be much more cost effective to look for a special facility. Many won’t tell you the cost up front without a consultation but you can request these with different facilities for the best price.

All in all, a 30 day program is never going to be a walk in the park but by looking for a facility that makes it easy, you’re more likely to succeed. Positive thinking and research are your best allies here.


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