Can you eat pie? The chances are that if you’re a coeliac or have a wheat, dairy or celery allergy that they are totally off limits. Well no longer! You can still eat pie!

There are quite a few gluten free pastries and dairy free pastries on the market but not many that are both gluten and dairy free together. And I have made pastry before so if you love baking you can make your own pies. But what if you’re on the go and you just want to buy a pasty. I would have thought that this was just a dream but not any more.

At this year’s FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 judging I discovered the most amazing gluten and dairy free Cornish pasty.

It seemed very appropriate to share this today, especially since it’s British Pie Week!

This is not technically a pie but I think it qualifies.

Gluten, dairy and celery free Cornish Pasty

Now it’s been rather a long time since I ate a pasty and to have a REAL Cornish Pasty from Cornwall was one of those OMG moments. This pasty is amazing.

West Cornwall Pasty company Gluten and dairy free pasty

West Cornwall Pasty company Gluten and dairy free pasty

These West Cornwall Pasty pasty company pasties are freefrom wheat, dairy, soya and celery but most of all, they were packed with declious meat and vegetables and taste amazing. I need to get hold of some more of these because they were so delicious.

This was my outstanding moment from judging and there were many.

I may have eaten more of my fair share… OK I had loads. Well alright I had a whole one and some more.

I really rather enjoyed these gluten and dairy free pasties

I really rather enjoyed these gluten and dairy free pasties

You can find out more about the amazing West Cornwall Pasty company here in their latest blog ‘Everybody gluten and dairy free pasty shortlisted for FreeFrom Food Award 2017’.

To see all the other shortlisted products visit the FreeFrom Food Awards website.

These awards are so important for championing all the companies out there who really care about those of us with allergies and coaliac disease. These companies don’t think we should miss out or be excluded from enjoying a choice of foods and they have all gone the extra mile to experiment and create freefrom alternatives.

My taste buds may have changed over the years but I actually think many of these products would pass as the real thing and in some cases are even tastier.

I challenge you to try these pasties because you will be impressed! These are the real deal.

Let’s big up the FreeFrom Food Awards! #FFFA17


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