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If you have allergies or are coeliac and you’re planning a visit to Teignmouth in Devon you’ll be very satisfied with what you find. This visit involved some of the usual military plannng but also some unplanned spontaneous eating out and some lovely home cooked safe food. All totally freefrom dairy, wheat, soya, nuts, tomato, celery, broad beans and kidney beans.

    Delicious home-cooked #freefrom roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings

    Delicious home-cooked #freefrom roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings

  1. My Dad’s house…
  2. Firstly and most importantly I never go anywhere without the bag of supplies.

    I treated myself to a loaf of NewBurn Bakehouse’s Artisan Sourdough bread, Vitalite dairy free spread, KoKo yogurts, Oatly vanilla custard, wheat free Nutribrex and some of the new freefrom cakes from Morrisons; Coffee cake, flapjacks and ginger cake are all amazing. It was stepmum’s birthday so we had cake. I had rather a lot of cake 🙂

    We enjoyed some healthy grilled chicken with veggies and on Sunday the most amazing roast lamb dinner, all safe for me and we made some Ruth friendly gravy which was quite a success actually. And not an Oxo cube in sight hey Day 😉

    Gluten and dairy free brunch at The Lemon Tree, Teignmouth

    Gluten and dairy free brunch at The Lemon Tree, Teignmouth

  3. The Lemon Tree
  4. After the long drive down we needed some lunch and this little cafe was amazing.

    We just turned up with no pre booking, always a bit worrying as I hate to be a pain or put any establishment off us freefromers.

    We really aren’t that fussy. Well not all of us.

    I was able to order the Gluten Free breakfast straight from the menu which included sausage, bacon, hashbrown, mushrooms, poached egg and toast. The coffee was delicious too. Yum! Look carefully and you can see father caught in the act of stealing a mushroom!

    Paprika cauliflower florettes at The Coffee Rush tapas restaurant, Teignmouth

    Paprika cauliflower florettes at The Coffee Rush, Teignmouth

  5. Coffee Rush, Shaldon
  6. This lovely little tapas restaurant will be getting its own blog shortly. We phoned ahead and explained my allergies and they prepared me the most amazing special freefrom tapas.

    I was completely blown away but the tastes and variety. Not just the usual tortilla (I was a bit dissappointed not to get tortilla LOL) but wheat free flat bread with olive tapenade, crab cakes, courgette wraps, chilli cauliflower florettes and the MOST amazing expresso martini. I really cannot recomment The Coffee Rush highly enough but please do phone early. They have a tiny kitchen and do most of their prep before opening so they may not have anything suitable if you just turn up.

    Step-sis and I went back for more of the expresso martini the following afternoon but had to console ourselves with a few cheeky proseccos. It’s a hard life 🙂

    Wheat free and dairy free mushroom ommelette at The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

    Wheat free and dairy free mushroom ommelette at The Ship Inn, Teignmouth

  7. The Ship Inn, Teignmouth back beach
  8. This is a proper old English pub with real ale on tap and delicious home cooked meal. I could have stayed in here for hours, but we had to get the ferry to Shaldon for another Coffee Rush fix 🙂

    If we had phoned ahead the chef would have made sure the oil was fresh and done me gluten free chips but since there was no planning involved in this trip I had lovely sweet new potatoes and loads of peas with a dairy free mushroom omelette. Delicious, perfectly cooked and seasoned and accompanied with a lovely fresh salad. Do phone and speak to them and book in. If you can do this and be flexible and book early you can enjoy proper chips! Will definitely be doing this next time I visit. Lovely pub and delicious pint or two of Tribute ale!

    If you are planning a visit to Teignmouth you may also enjoy reading “Teignmouth with allergies”.

    Go to Devon! It’s beautiful by the seaside and they appear to be very aware and friendly to allergy people. Big up Teignmouth.



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