I would like thank ALL my friends. Not only are you my eyes and ears when we go out and my little saviours when I’m getting a bit blase, some of you really go the extra mile.

Some of you are total keepers. So this blog is for Fran who has fed me so many times and not just a quick meal. Fran gives me a proper meal to rival many restaurants. She is a very good cook. There area many of you who also do this, including my family on every family get together (but they have to be nice, they’re my family right?)

This week she cooked me seared seabass and poached pears 🙂

The main: Seared sea bass

This wasn’t just any old seared sea bass, this was outstanding. Such a delicate flavour and cooked to perfection. Our fish was accompanied with rocket salad and a balsamic dressing, chilli prawns, crisped aubergine and new potatoes. I love fish so this was such a treat for me.

Totally freefrom Seared seabass, cooked by my lovely friend

Totally freefrom Seared seabass, cooked by my lovely friend

The pudding: Poached pear

She also cooked me the most amazing poached pears. The juice these were poached in was just so tasty. There was all sorts in there and I am ashamed to say I can’t remember all the ingredients for this one but there was star anise and some kind of alcohol. It was sweet and intriguing and really indulgent. The pears were poached to perfection with some dark chocolate drizzled on top. Yum! Yum! Yum!

poached pears for the allergic diner

Delicous poached pears with dairy and nut free chocolate

If you would like the recipe for either of these let me know. I plan to request them for myself anyway because I am definitely trying this myself at home, though it won’t be half as good as Fran’s creation.

So I guess what I’m saying in this blog post is thank you. Thank you to Fran and to all those friends who look after me. Please don’t feel you always need to go to such lengths. I would be happy with a jacket potato and some tuna (although I o love seabass and poached pears) and equally happy to bring my own food. It’s you guys that are imporant and your friendship. I understand how hard I am to cater for because I struggle to feed myself sometimes. Many a meal ends up being crisps and humous – that’s healthy though right?

It’s your support and friendship that I value most, so don’t panic about inviting me over. And also, don’t worry if you’d rather not. I can totally understand. We can just go out for a walk or a cuppa instead 🙂 Love you all and love you Fran #BFFE


2 Responses to When your friends invite you to dinner and cater for your allergies

  1. Omigy

    This is brilliant! I have a friend who has allergies and can only eat non-gluten type food. I invite him around, but he insists on bringing his own food just in case. We are still having really good nights laughing together and I am now working towards getting trained by him as to how I can cook gluten free food. I really want to be able to invite him around and cook for him. I found that your article is spot on this matter. thanks.

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