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Do people seek information from HCPs online or do they prefer online support from fellow patients?

Over recent years there has been a steady increase in the availability of patient-focused websites offering health information and support across a wide range of conditions.

A survey of c7,000 patients carried out by the Nuffield Trust, found that 50% of people in the UK self-diagnose online long before they make a doctor’s appointment.

When it comes to discussion around their condition, it’s interesting to see where patients go online. Do they seek information from HCPs online or do they prefer online support and personal experience-based information from fellow patients?

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3 Responses to Online Doctor v Patient-to-patient Support

  1. Interesting article from our Director Deborah Wyatt. Do you turn to your peers or your health practitioner?

  2. Charlotte

    Great post! I always go to my friends for their opinions but if i’m worried about any weird symptoms I would go to my doctor.

  3. zoylo

    Good blog. Now-a-days, doctor appointment booking system is of great convenience for the health seekers as they can book an appointment at any time just by looking and choosing from the slots available. It helps patients to quest doctors and doctors to fill schedules regardless of time and location.

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