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If you are very allergic to dust, cleaning the house is probably NOT your favourite job and you wouldn’t be alone. No one likes vacuuming… ha ha. So imagine how excited I was recently when I was given a Dyson V8 to try out. This is a sponsored post, I did not pay for the Dyson vacuum and I really love it. It’s fantastic for anyone with a dust allergy because it’s so cleverly designed…

This is a very long overdue blog about my amazing new Dyson. I’ll bet they’re regretting giving me one to test because I’ve had it months, after which I travelled around for ages while I house sat at rather lovely houses with cleaners and already plumbed in Dyson hoovers so I had no need to get mine dirty.

Finally this beautiful Dyson V8 emerged from its box for some proper testing a few months ago.

I’ve given it a thorough test and I LOVE it!

Pro’s and Con’s of the new Dyson V8 for your dust allergy

The Pro’s of this fantastic vacuum

  • It is so easy to empty – This is by the far the best bit about the Dyson V8. I mean I love everything about it. It’s space age look, it’s streamlined curves, but it’s eject button is just the best! No puffs of dust, just a very swift jettison of all that horrid dust… Having used a Dyson before (my Mum has the Dyson Animal) I wasn’t so impressed with the way you tip out the dust, in a huge puff! But you do get used to that, and can empty it at arms length and keep your head away.

    But the new design of the V8 is very much improved. All you do is press the red button and it very neatly sort of shovels the dust out in one lump. No puff of dust, and it does empty much more reliably, as long as you don’t over fill. With the animal you often needed to fish about up the sides to remove huge chunks of dust that was lodged in hard to reach places. Again, overfilling prevents some of this. All Dyson vacuums should be emptied regularly when they reach the level. Never over fill! Something we all did in the days of horrible hoover bags.

    Also, when you do empty it, do this twice. Close the clear bin, then eject dust again just to get rid of all particles and do this carefully over a bin or bag or outside in the compost bin.

  • You can see all the dust – For someone with quite a severe dust allergy I’m surprisingly pleased to see it all filling up inside the Dyson cylinder. You would think the sight of all that dust would offend me, but it just amazes me how much you get from a small house, and I know I’m removing these bits of dust from my home so it pleases me 🙂
  • So smooth to use – It’s light, easy to manoeuvre
  • Simple to dismantle and use – It really is easy to use, dismantle, attach any of the many handy tools for cleaning the car, stairs, corners etc. It’s push and click, so simple you don’t even need any instructions.
  • Looks pretty nifty! – With Dyson behind the design it’s bound to be stylish but it really does look cool. It’s a vacuum anyone would be proud to own. It’s colourful, sleek, stylish and fun and easy to use. Yes cleaning your house has never been so fun!
  • Well designed – Not only does this vacuum cleaner look good, it’s also very clever. Both assembly, emptying and dismantling are so cleanly designed. It fits easily into a small storage space, is light and easy to move around the house, light enough for your kids to carry upstairs so they can clean their own rooms. What’s not to like?
  • Long battery life – I’ve been testing the V8 now for a months and months (sorry for the long time for testing Dyson, but every time I thought I’d got this blog finished I thought of a new cool thing to add. The battery life is one of the best things. It lasts for at least 45 mins so is plenty long enough to clean your house or car. That obviously depends how dirty your house is. I’ve been taking this hoover around with my in my car to clean other people’s houses and if there is a lot of dust you may need to charge it to finish the job, but once your Dyson has broken the back of the job, it’s never as dusty again. Hoover regularly and you’ll notice less dust is collected and you can clean the house quicker.
  • Great capacity to hold dust – The v8 does have a larger cylinder which will hold more dust but I would caution against overfilling. I find it works best if you empty it regularly, when it’s between half and two thirds full for optimum operation.
  • New found love of vacuuming – This may sound crazy but I actually don’t mind hoovering any more. I actually enjoy it. It really is so quick and easy and if you empty it carefully, dust reaction free.

The Con’s of using my new Dyson vacuum

  • Recharging is tricky – Once you’ve got it set up it’s a doddle but I really struggled to get my charging bit working. You have to feed the cord through some hole or other and it’s really rather fiddly. Don’t ask for advice getting yours sorted, I’ve done it once and hopefully don’t need to ever do it again. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually needed help from my Mum to get the charger sorted… You can fit the docking station to the wall, which I plan to do when I get sorted. At the moment it has to kind of lie on the floor while it charges but this does work fine.
  • Needs looking after – This could be seen as a negative but I’ve got used to the extra attention and maintenance that the Dyson cleaners need. Basically, it’s not like your old hoover that you could just fit the bag and fill it to bursting and empty it when suction began to reduce. With the Dyson vacuums you do need to remember to check the filters, empty regularly, not hoover up large objects so check the area and sweep up large items, and clean those filters with the brushes provided. If you do this you’ll have no problems.
  • Cleaning the filters – This is an essential if boring chore that must be done regularly if you own a Dyson. It’s actually pretty easy to do, just run them under the tap or use the special brushes supplied for the purpose. However remembering to clean them isn’t so easy if you have a scatter brain like mine! It’s worth doing this regularly as the vacuum can go wrong if you don’t. The filters should last quite a long time if you clean them regularly and can be replaced easily through Dyson.
  • Cost – These vacuum cleaners do not come cheap at around £400.00 but I would say it is well worth it. (I would like to add at this point, I am reviewing this for Dyson and have not paid. This is a sponsored post.) Especially if you want your dust allergic kids to be safe using it too. There are also other smaller and cheaper models, like the Animal; I know several people who are thoroughly pleased with theirs. The Dyson v8 is just sleeker, more powerful, better designed, holds more dust and holds charge for much longer. The decision of which one to get is up to you! You’ll never want to use your old vacuum again. Click here for prices: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

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Sponsored Blog Post: Special thanks to Dyson for giving me this hoover. Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about but the Dyson v8 is absolutely brilliant for anyone with a dust allergy.



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