For years I’ve been trying to eat less processed food and bread is one of the harder things to crack. I discovered EverFresh Sprouted Rye bread at Food Matters Live last week. (Thank you EverFresh for the free loaf to try)

EverFresh Sprouted Rye Bread
EverFresh Sprouted Rye Bread

THE best thing about this bread is that it’s only got one ingredient. Sprouted Rye.
So no horrible preservatives and mould inhibitors.

Just 100% sprouted rye!

It is Dairy Free, Wheat free, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Yeast Free, Salt Free, No added sugar.

For all of you with a wheat allergy this is great and definitely one to try.

It’s not like normal bread and certainly not like other rye breads I’ve tried. It’s so moist and more like cake than bread but I loved it.

It was great toasted, though did take a few goes in the toaster on account of its moistness.
It was also lovely with some Violife vegan, dairy free cheese.

Try it on its own, just rye bread. Delicious.

But it’s not fantastic as a sandwich. I did manage to create but on account of how moist the bread is, it was a challenge to eat and wanted to fall apart. It would have fallen apart if I’d let it.

But what is wasn’t was dry. It was just so moist and such a surprise. I loved it and will definitely be trying this again

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