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Businesses in the healthcare industry have certain specific considerations that they need to keep in mind when they’re creating a uniform. Businesses in the healthcare industry have certain specific considerations that they need to keep in mind when they’re creating a uniform.

Whether it’s ease of wear for your staff, to ensuring impeccable hygiene that benefits both staff and patients, an effective healthcare uniform should be versatile and varied in the benefits it can provide. This blog will go through what you should consider to create an effective healthcare industry uniform for your business.

Clothing that keeps everyone safe

In the healthcare industry, one especially important priority for a business is to limit the risk of cross-contamination and passing infections around the premise.

For that reason, it’s important to ensure that your clothes are made from infection control compliant materials. You’ll find that healthcare tunics, dress scrubs are made from such materials as standard.

Look for simple additions to your work clothing such as concealed zips, buttons and buckles. Making sure there are fewer loose ends for your uniform to catch on can help keep staff safe around the workplace and help minimise disruptions. Even ease of wear considerations such as using pull-on tunics can help give staff added comfort and ease of movement during long shifts.

Your footwear can also contribute to your safety too. When you’re looking for footwear, make sure yours are made from hardwearing EVA plastic, which can help you stay safe on your feet and reduce the risk of trips and falls through their firm grip.

Meeting tough hygiene standards

Because healthcare uniforms need to be perfectly clean ready for the next shift, they need to be able to stand up to rigorous and frequent laundry routines.

In healthcare, uniforms will usually see daily washes at temperatures of 60 Celsius, which is the recommended level to kill most bacteria and microorganisms.

This means that tough, hard-wearing uniform choices also contribute to patient and staff safety, as there’s no risk of any infectious material lingering between shifts and potentially causing an issue the following day.

This is also why EVA plastic shoes are a fantastic uniform choice in healthcare. The durable plastic means that they can also be washed at these temperatures without losing shape, warping, or losing grip.

Other benefits an effective uniform can provide

An effective healthcare uniform can also provide other benefits to both staff and patients simply and without much added effort from the business.

For example, making sure you use bright colours in your scrubs and tunics can help add some reassuring personality to your business.For young patients, adding a colourful element to your business can help them feel less nervous if they’re not used to the environment. For those with deteriorating sight or who might be suffering from dementia or other mental conditions, bright colours can help offer them some clarity, such as by being able to more quickly and easily spot staff who can provide assistance when needed.

By keeping the ideas of safety, cleanliness, and patient benefits in mind throughout, you’ll certainly be left with a healthcare uniform that is perfect for meeting your business needs.

Helen Harker is the design manager for esteemed workwear provider, Simon Jersey. With over 45 years’ experience providing workwear and uniforms to a wide range of businesses and industries, Simon Jersey have developed a keen awareness of what individual businesses need from their uniforms. Their industry-leading knowledge and expertise mean that Simon Jersey are the perfect solution for you to help staff meet any and all businesses needs day in, day out, whatever even the toughest shift sends their way.


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