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Add this Week’s Exercise of the Week into your routine!

The Fish.

A simple yet very effective exercise.

  • Stretching the chest, torso, intercostals, hip flexor, and the throat.
  • Strengthening the upper back muscle, the muscles at the back of the neck of which there are many!

The Fish is also a Heart Chakra exercise, associated physical dysfunction associations include hypertension, heart disease and cancer!

Done almost anywhere with just a comfortable placing of the elbows it easy to integrate The Fish into your daily or gym Workout routine. 👌☯



A CHEK Holistic Health Coach, Pilates Instructor, Vivo Barefoot Run Coach, Stages Cycling Coach and Versatile Experienced Group Exercise Instructor. Decades of experience in the fitness industry, working in a variety of exclusive health clubs and high end spas in a number of roles, from management to self employed. One to one Coaching experience includes Training both Physically and Mentally challenged clients, Doctors, Producers, Directors, Celebrities as well as Elderly and Sports Teams, Men and Women. Local to the Hampshire area offering Mobile and Online Services, Consultations, Fitness Testing, Personal Coaching. A keen Triathlete, Runner and Cyclist. Make real Health Your Reality. Email: Tel: 07947 280 146 A keen AG triathlete, runner and over all health geek mark looks to Educate, Motivate and Facilitate Positive Change so you too can enjoy health and vitality.

3 Responses to Exercise of The Week

  1. Price

    Wow! Thanks, that’ s seems to be very effective, especially on your chest and belly. It looks simple but effective. thank for this video I will surely try this immediately.

    • Price

      I Tried this excersice yesterday, It was soo easy but very effective. I doing my routine every morning before I go to my office and I msut admit It was great, very easy execute but effective.

      • It’s good value for your time, place your tongue on th e roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth for a accurately appropriately stabilized neck 👌☯️

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