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The colder months have now arrived, and we’re experiencing more colds & flu virus’ 🦠 than ever.
Although scientists don’t yet understand why we are more susceptible to this in the winter months, we do know that the cold weather tends to have us huddling together and inside more, which makes it easier for virus and bacteria strains to spread and develop more quickly.
Either way, there are some small changes that you can make now that will boost yours and your family’s immunity and help ward off virus’ and colds more easily.
Try 2 or 3 of the below tips to get you started. As it becomes a natural part of your routine, then revisit this list and add another small change to really boost the power of your immunity:
💫 Reduce toxins (smoking, alcohol, refined sugar, additives, processed meat).
💫 Cleanse your digestive system to help it do it’s job of fighting off the build up of bad bacteria and toxins, and so it can better absorb nutrients to heal you.
💫 Improve your sleep. Sleep is when our bodies do the most healing and recovery.
💫 Up your intake of immune boosting vitamins; Vit A, C, D, E, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, Folate. Fruits, vegetables, green leafy 🥬 & cruciferous veg 🥦
💫 One of the easiest ways to start getting these nutrients into your body, is with herbs in a hot tea 🍵 form. Herbs like Dandelion Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Ginger, Ginseng, are examples of teas with high amounts of these immune boosting nutrients. Google immune boosting herbs, and you’ll find a whole world 🌎 of them out there.
💫 Exercise and fresh air will raise your respiratory system and boost your endorphins, also helping to boost the immune system.
💫 Lastly, adding more rest and self love into your day, will help to strengthen your immunity.

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Helen Barnshaw

Naturopathic NutritionistEmpowering men & women to heal from stress & disease through tailored whole foods & lifestyle changes1-2-1 consultations

2 Responses to Keeping your immune system strong

  1. Perfectly timed Helen, a very useful article ready for the winter months!

  2. Hsingh

    Thanks for sharing a useful article regarding immune system. As all we know immune system helps our body to recover from any disease or problem in our body. The tips shared in above article are most helpful to strong your immune system.
    Many peoples take care of their body and also give advice of in weekly or monthly basis to be fit.
    Thanks again for sharing a nice article.

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