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When the body sleeps, it goes into a deep healing state, helping to repair and recover the body from stress and damage. Not getting enough sleep – over a long period of time – inevitably prevents the body from being able to protect its health and well-being.


Sleep allows our bodies to:

🌷 Repair & heal.

🌷 Build immunity to keep us strong.

🌷 Improves memory & makes you smarter.

🌷 Reduces stress & improves mood.

🌷 Helps maintain a healthy weight.

🌷 Lowers blood pressure & keeps your heart healthy.

🌷 Can be a painkiller.


What are some easy ways I can start to improve my sleep quality now?


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Helen Barnshaw

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  1. A very interesting read Helen, and thank you for the article. Sleep is key to well-being in so many ways.

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