rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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For as long as I can remember I have held a passion for nature and the countryside. I like to see the things I love being taken care of – from the bees to trees – so I try to live ethically and organically wherever possible. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to join the organic skin care company Green People (, amazingly based a mere few miles from me in rural Sussex, where I write about products that are produced with the environment and ethics in mind at every step. Since joining, I’ve learnt so much about the effects of commonplace chemicals on the skin and body and every day I am reminded by our fabulous customers how much difference using ‘no nasties’ products can make to those with sensitive skin. I am now on a mission to spread the word about the beauty of going natural and organic!

Prickly heat: the summer curse


Although we in the UK haven’t been blessed with much sunshine so far this summer, for those who suffer with prickly heat this may be something of a relief. It is very common condition, affecting thousands of people. In fact, … Continue reading


Living with a fragrance allergy


My last post for TalkHealth was about the nose-tickling topic of hayfever. Since then, it has rained pretty much exclusively and pollen counts have remained low across the UK. Typical! However my post today is about another common cause of … Continue reading


Plants, Pollen & Allergies


pollen calendar

Natural beauty products may feel beautiful on the skin, enhanced by the delicious aroma of organic essential oils and gentle ingredients to soothe and nurture. However the plants from which we derive actives that treat our skin so well are … Continue reading


Weight linked with acne in teenage girls – what’s the connection?


A study has just come out of Oslo that appears to show that overweight teenage girls have an above average chance of getting acne. Although there is no suggestion that weight gain directly causes acne, the statistics do show that … Continue reading


Your A to Z of nasties in the chemical world


Skin allergies are often triggered by the use of chemicals on the skin and in the home and workplace. Around 6 million Brits,  that is 1 in 5 children and another 1 in 10 adults,  all suffer from Eczema. Why … Continue reading