rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Alison BA (Hons), DN, DNT (Dist) qualified as a nutritional therapist in 1997 and has a busy practice in Glasgow. She has worked in the health industry since 1987 and currently combines her practice with the role of Education Manager for A.Vogel Herbal Remedies. Alison lectures, trains and writes extensively on health issues, and is often to be found quoted in health magazines and on health-related websites.

Encouraging results for men with enlarged prostate


New research on improved sexual function for men with enlarged prostate Welcome news for men with an enlarged prostate (BPH) appears with the publication of new research on an effective way of treating both the BPH and the sexual dysfunction … Continue reading


Sweating it out: menopausal facts are hard to figure


All women have to go through it eventually – the menopause may be postponed with the help of HRT, but even those still wanting to produce babies in their eighties have one day to accept the fact that their ovaries … Continue reading


In-Flight Story


A couple of weeks ago a journalist asked me if there was any evidence for natural remedies helping to reduce colds and similar infections suffered after plane journeys. In a beautiful example of the workings of Murphy and his Law, … Continue reading


Red red wine, might make you feel fine…


…if you know where to draw the line Amongst all the vexed and knotty questions of our time, one that keeps scientists foggy and perplexed is whether wine is good for you or not. You may cynically wonder, of course, … Continue reading


Does it hurt?


Some surprising causes of inflammation It would seem quite sensible to assume that children who are emotionally literate and stable stand a better chance of emerging into the adult world with all their emotional ducks (so to speak) in a … Continue reading


Menopausal Milkshakes


Thinking yourself slim? Oh yes please! It’s bad enough navigating the murky waters of the menopause, managing erratic cycles and coasting through emotional minefields, but gaining weight whilst doing so is not a menopausal symptom we relish. It hardly seems … Continue reading


Staggering news on staggered overdoses


Professor Ronald Eccles, Director of the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff, has a warning for cold and flu sufferers this winter. Be careful you don’t over dose on cold remedies. You could be taking paracetamol tablets as well as a … Continue reading


Echinacea research


One of the most exciting things about working with herbs today is that their age-long uses are gradually being verified by modern research into their mode of action. To say that we now know all about any particular herb would, … Continue reading