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Hello, my name is Anne Child and I am Head Of Pharmaceutical Care and Clinical Standards Established at the Avante Parthership. Establised in 1990, the Avante Partnership (including Avante Care and Support, Avante Community Support and Stepahead Support) is a charitable company and one of the largest social care providers in the South East. Through our residential care homes for older people, domiciliary care services for older people and people with a physical or learning disability and our community based services for young people and families, Avante supports more than 3000 people a year. Our team of well trained staff and volunteers exceeds 1500 people, with the quality of our services assured by Investor in People and ISO9001 accreditations. Our finances are strong with assets of some £27million, together with an ongoing development programme in new services and care homes of £15million over the next 3 years.

Growing old and what we need


Demographics of growing older. Interestingly I have been thinking about this of late with my field of work we often forget there are a growing number of ‘younger’ old people who are relatively fit and healthy contributing to society the … Continue reading


Life beyond the front door


Life beyond the big front door. This Blog is about dementia strategies in real terms. I was lucky enough today to listen to our community engagement officer talk so eloquently about life beyond the front door and the need for … Continue reading


Crisis what crisis


My latest blog makes no apology for challenging the system -so often it is that very system which challenges care delivery and not the will of the carers or the health professionals. All too often the flow of information is slow, … Continue reading


Behaviour that might challenge


Behaviours that need special skills and understanding within the care home setting-Wandering The wandering resident needs specific understanding. The prevalence of wandering behaviour is difficult to assess but estimates suggest that it will occur in up to 25% of people … Continue reading


Three Dimensional Care


Although I really am not one for statistics I  knew at some point I would need to blog the current dementia stats if only to help myself revisit the frequency at which this disease touches people lives and how this … Continue reading


Thoughts on recognising what are signs of distress and indicators of comfort in those we care for with dementia


Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. Hippocrates It’s an interesting concept to consider distress and comfort as something we may be able to measure to produce specific interventions and better care outcomes for those we care for. It is difficult … Continue reading


Never underestimate the affect of pain in people living with dementia


I have recently been working with two residents in our care homes that have been showing signs of agitation and distress.  Working closely with their GPs in reviewing their treatments, we have considered the part pain may be playing in … Continue reading