rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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AnnA Rushton is an experienced author and speaker on health, personal development and creativity. With a background in television, theatre and advertising she is a natural communicator with a particular interest in womens health and holistic medicine. Her books include 'Natural Progesterone', How to Cope Successfully With Stress', 'Tips For Hot Flushes', 'Dealing With Procrastination' and 'How To Write Your Life Story' all of which are available at

Menopause And Moods


Menopause and mood swings are very common, but you don’t have to just suffer as there are ways you can help stay on top of them. Many women experience mood swings as part of PMS, but just because its menopause … Continue reading


How To Tackle Night Sweats


Are you one of those unfortunate women who suffer both daytime hot flushes and night time sweats? It may seem like a different condition, but it is actually it is just a continuation of the same problem and unfortunately we … Continue reading


Could Sportsmen avoid Knee Surgery By Wearing These Shoes?


Sounds unlikely doesn’t it, but a new therapy is being used instead of knee surgery by thousands, and their insurance companies are happy to pay for it. I reported on this a few months ago when I was investigating dealing … Continue reading


A Simple, Effective, Non-Surgical Treatment For Osteoarthritis


Are you, like me, noticing signs of age creeping in such as osteoarthritis related knee and hip pain? Do stairs, standing for long periods, and getting in and out cars or onto public transport proving to be more of a … Continue reading


When Sex Is Painful What Can You Do?


The hormonal changes at menopause can make sex more difficult as the body’s natural lubrication diminishes. You don’t have to ‘put up with it’ as restoring hormone balance can really help. This is a frequent concern for women as they … Continue reading


7 Key Symptoms At Menopause


Menopause changes many aspects of our lives from our appearance to our health, but these common symptoms do have solutions. Throughout our hormonal life we get so many symptoms and changes that it can be hard to tell just what … Continue reading


10 Steps To Hormone Health In 2015


New Year resolutions are something we often make, and more frequently break, but if you want some simple tips to stay hormone healthy then these might just keep you on track. Hormones, and their various related symptoms, are not static. … Continue reading


10 Things You Should Know About Oestrogen Dominance


menopause word in letterpress type

Dealing with oestrogen dominance by rebalancing with bioidentical natural progesterone is essential for healthy hormone balance. Women from puberty to post-menopause can be affected but just how much do you know about it? Whatever a woman’s age, or health, it … Continue reading


4 Ways That Green Tea Helps Weight Loss


Progesterone helps weight loss as it rids the body of excess fluid, but one fluid you want to increase is tea. Black tea helps osteoporosis, but green tea has many other health benefits including helping get rid of those extra … Continue reading


Are Plastics Affecting Your Libido?


Low libido can be due to many causes, and progesterone does stimulate sex drive in women, but there is also a hidden factor in your everyday life that may be having an effect too. A frequent question for women at … Continue reading


How To Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally


An amazing number of us are now on hypertension medication, and once on it is difficult to get off without a very long discussion with your doctor. This is particularly true as we hit our 50’s and may show signs … Continue reading


6 Key Signs of Menopause


October is World Menopause Month and if you are not sure whether you are pre/peri or post menopause this handy guide can help.    Wherever you live in the world, you are likely to share common symptoms with fellow menopause … Continue reading


Natural Ways of Coping With Anxiety and Panic Attacks


We all feel anxious from time to time, but if you are experiencing this with no specific reason, and your everyday life is being affected, then it is time to take action. The usual symptoms can include restlessness, feeling tense … Continue reading


Can ‘Baby Blues’ Be Inherited?


 We know women inherit many conditions from their mothers, some serious such as breast cancer or osteoporosis, others less life threatening such as bunions or a double chin, but we do owe a lot to our family health history. The … Continue reading


High Cholesterol In Women Does Not Have The Not Same Heart Attack Risk As For Men


Women get protection from their hormones for reducing heart attack risk, and it is progesterone that makes the difference. It is something I have trying to tell doctors for years – sadly with little success – which is what Dr … Continue reading




September 16 is the start of making more people aware of the dangers of high blood pressure, and offering free checks throughout the country.  What are the risks? In about 90% of cases, there is no obvious underling medical cause … Continue reading


Vitamins – Fact and Fiction – Again!


Of the 35 years I have been writing about health, there has not been a single one where vitamins, supplements or alternative therapies have not rubbished and vilified or simply dismissed as nonsense. I often feel I am trapped in a … Continue reading


Can You Predict The Start Of Your Menopause?


Wouldn’t that be great? It can be so confusing as our hormones start their journey from peri to full menopause to be able to say definitively ‘this is it’. Or even be able to say for sure that their symptoms … Continue reading


2 Key Reasons Why Young Women Need Bioidentical Hormones


It is a myth that only women at menopause need hormone balance. Younger women are as much in need of it for a variety of hormonal conditions that can often be related to oestrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency. Supplementing with … Continue reading


GL Diet Can Switch On Skinny Genes


I admit, I misread the email and thought someone at last could get me into skinny jeans, but  with the sun finally shining and my shorts laughing at me from a deep dark drawer, I thought it was worth a … Continue reading


Honey for your hols?


mauka gel

 Not actually for tea, but as an amazing solution for a whole range of holiday hazards. This is not straight from the jar – too messy – but hose clever New Zealanders at Living Nature have harnessed the power of  … Continue reading


Don’t Underestimate The Effect Of Stress On Your Hormonal Symptoms


It is obvious that lifestyle has a huge impact on health: we know if have a bad diet, never exercise and generally embrace every indulgence that there is a price to pay.  Yet when it comes to the impact this … Continue reading


‘Baby Blues’ or Depression? How You Can Help


Many women suffer ‘baby blues’ after giving birth, but a new study reveals a surprisingly high number of them actually have postpartum depressive symptoms. Progesterone is a natural mood enhancer and during pregnancy a woman produces huge amounts to support … Continue reading


Men’s 4 New Risk Factors For Osteoporosis


I read in the news this morning that men will eventually become extinct – as if they don’t have enough to worry about with declining fertility and man boobs – now it seems they are also at risk from osteoporosis. … Continue reading


How To Stop Wetting Your Knickers & Start Enjoying Life Again


Really how can you ignore a headline like that when it seems that one in 4 women1 wet their knickers every time they sneeze, cough, exercise, laugh or dance? We women of a certain age have taken to buying Tena lady … Continue reading


Oh How Sweet It Is To Be Right!!


True of course in all walks of life, but particularly in relation to vitamin C whose benefits were so rigorously denied for so many years. Delighted to see the late Linus Pauling vindicated as a new review on Vitamin C … Continue reading


Can A Humidifier Prevent Flu Viruses?


Keeping moist has not been a problem this winter – outdoors at least – but indoors too dry an atmosphere is not healthy. If you can maintain a level of relative humidity of between 40% and 60% it could reduce … Continue reading


Lose weight with a fork?


Struggling to lose weight after Christmas – trying yet another new diet? Well fear not because an intrepid engineer may have the answer.  It is the first digital fork to help users “eat slowly for better health” and will be … Continue reading


Do You Have A Hormone Imbalance?


Women really only have two hormones to worry about for the majority of their health issues: they are oestrogen and progesterone and they dominate our lives from puberty to menopause. We take for granted that they can cause us havoc, … Continue reading


A Yogalicious Advent Calendar – Free!


I know we are more used to the traditional chocolate feast for the first 24 days of December, but in the interests of our health – and waistlines – I thought you might like to try something different this year. … Continue reading


What To Do About Fibroids


Fibroids will be diagnosed in many women, but may need no treatment at all. They are most often found in women between 30-50+ who have had no children and become less common at menopause as oestrogen levels decline.  Being overweight is … Continue reading


Back To Basics – Take Control of Back and Neck Pain


If the statistics are to be believed – and sometimes at least they must be right – then 17 million people in the UK are affected by back pain.  That is 80% of us and certainly includes me – and … Continue reading


Help For Menopausal Hair Loss


Among the many changes of menopause that are not so welcome, many women are devastated to see the condition and quality of their hair undergoing a change. We expect to see some grey or silver hairs, to reflect the fact … Continue reading


Baby Blues Now Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?


Natural birth is hailed as a good thing but a new study calls it ‘highly traumatizing’ along with terrorist attacks and car accidents.   People love labels, and the psychotherapist Eric Maisel in his book on depression recently questioned the … Continue reading


Sorting Hormone Fact From Fiction


Hormone balance is every woman’s right, and there has been a growing interest in bioidentical natural hormone usage. What always goes along with that of course is that there is often a negative response that is not always informed but … Continue reading


Stick Your Tongue Out At Your Doctor!


Certainly something I have felt like doing when faced with an unwillingness to listen or being dismissed for asking about an alternative diagnosis or treatment. However as is the way of things Science eventually comes round to thinking that there … Continue reading


Lies, damned lies and statistics


We are always seeking ‘proof’ to guide our decisions, particularly when it comes to medical matters but that might be a mistake according to a new report. The largest comprehensive analysis of finds that clinical trials are falling short … Continue reading


Help For Hot Flushes


There is no doubt that one of the most aggravating, and sometimes annoyingly persistent, symptoms of menopause are those dratted hot flushes and night sweats. Every woman seems to respond differently and to have her own unique timetable for their … Continue reading


Mediterranean Diet – In A Capsule


Well, not really of course but Masquelier have produced a supplement that contains the key ingredients to help you and your heart stay healthy. My regular readers will know my feelings about statins by now, and a healthy alternative is … Continue reading


Arthritic Knees Find Support!


Sounds like a political campaign doesn’t it, but one of the things I am least enjoying about getting older is inheriting the family tendency to arthritis. Having discovered it in my knobbly fingers and then in my neck I thought … Continue reading


How 3 The Wise Monkeys Got Into Research


A frequently found ornament in the homes of my family in my childhood was a brass figurine depicting the three wise monkeys.   This was used as a warning and a homily – very effectively against wrongdoing and in particular lying … Continue reading


What’s The Fastest Growing Cancer In Women?


One of the wonderful things about being a writer is people send you all sorts of snippets – without which I would never have heard of Dr Oz. Not as you might think a native Antipodean, his is actually from … Continue reading


Diet Drinks and Weight Loss


Apparently new research to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that if you will only swop your ‘normal’ drinks for the ‘sugar-free’ version you can lose up to 5 per cent of your body weight in just … Continue reading


Want To Stay Sharp? Make Music!


Gareth Malone has convinced many of the community benefits and emotional pay off for those joining a choir, but it seems any form of music making will also help keep those brain cells alert. If you resisted that piano practice … Continue reading


Breast Is Best For Baby – Unless You Are A Drug Company


There are some things you just take so for granted: like breathing regularly is good for your health and breast milk is best for babies. Well not, if you live in the USA it isn’t as researchers from the US … Continue reading


How ADHD Was Turned Into A Crime


ADHD is a much wider condition than most people are aware of and responses to it do vary. There is the highly positive side that sees its ability to think outside the box and be highly creative as a great … Continue reading


Researchers Leave Out Important – And Damaging – Facts


I am always suspicious of clinical trials – I want to know who has funded them for a start as that will tend to influence the outcome.  It is a given of scientific theory that if you start out with … Continue reading


Boosts For Tired Brains!


Let’s face it by the time Christma Day comes and you have been juggling lists, fighting crowds and trying to remember who has gone veggie since last year your poor old little grey cells are full to bursting. So let … Continue reading


Healing Herbs – Why Your Mother – And Grandmother – Were Right


I know it’s a terrible thing to realize isn’t it, but apart from reaching the age when I hear myself bemoaning the lack of manners in the young (no, really) it is good to have those old natural remedies vindicated. … Continue reading


Mouthwash or Mudras For Sweet Breath?


I have heard many benefits from doing yoga, but having fresh breath has so far not been one of them. However, I love to live and learn and certainly many of the commercially available mouthwashes come with unwanted additives, one … Continue reading


To Jab Or Not This Winter?


Every winter there is a call to summon us to the doctor’s surgery for a flu injection.  Now I am the possessor of a bus pass I am automatically on the list and I have had to strenuously resist the … Continue reading


3 in 10 New Mums Have Baby Blues


I am not referring to the colour of their babies eyes either. I was amazed to read a new survey from the charity 4Children that produced that figure, and that a horrifying 25% of mothers still suffered from PND up … Continue reading


The Ministry Of The Stunningly Obvious


In my fantasy life – which we all have I am sure – after winning the lottery I think I am perfect for a post in the above Ministry. Either that or the Head of Research Into Thing We Already … Continue reading


For Your Heart’s Sake – Eat Chocolate!


Now that’s what I call a health headline!  Usually we are urged to give up what we love and eat things we may loathe, but let’s have a cheer for some Swedish researchers who have contributed the latest glad tidings. … Continue reading


Sweetie, If it’s Not Natural – It’s Not Natural


I wish I had a pound/dollar/euro/escudo for every time I have mentioned the dangers of sugar substitutes because I could have retired to Cancun years ago – but stick with me because recent news makes it worth repeating. Three key … Continue reading


Commitment Phobic Men Have Almost Double Cancer Risk


If your partner is ‘just a boy who cain’t say yes’ to paraphrase Oklahoma, then you have a new weapon in your armoury if your aim is to get him to the altar. New research published in BioMed Central’s open … Continue reading