rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Dr James Thompson is a UK-trained GP based in London and the East Midlands. He graduated from the University of Southampton medical school in 2005 and has, since then, worked both as a GP at clinics throughout the south of England and as a freelance GP at a variety of practises throughout the Midlands. James has a broad range of interests within health and his approach to general practice is very much focussed on encouraging and teaching better lifestyle choices for his patients. He also has interests in medical education and, in particular, communication skills. In early 2012 James founded, a website featuring various patient-advice media, but principally based in video. It's James' belief that "reaching the target audience, in the 16-24 age group as well as increasingly in the older age groups affected by a range of medical conditions," that video, YouTube, social and other new media is an incredibly effective way of getting the health message across. The videos cover a number of conditions, from back pain to menopause, cholesterol to sexual health, and the aim is to add topics to this on a regular basis. Each video provides concise and accurate medical information in a visually engaging way.

Eczema: what is it, why do I have it and how can I treat it?


Why have I got eczema? Eczema or dermatitis, is a condition where your skin becomes sensitive and inflamed as part of an allergic reaction, this is called atopy and you may hear this condition being called atopic eczema or dermatitis … Continue reading


How do I get the most out of my doctor?


This is, in my experience, quite a popular question for journalists to ask which clearly reflects public interest in the answer. Given the time pressure on GPs nowadays, many people feel that they may have less time with their doctor … Continue reading