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I developed an interest in acupuncture after having treatment myself for persistent and debilitating migraines and now regard myself to be migraine free. I trained and qualified in acupuncture at the renowned Northern College of Acupuncture in York, graduating in 2009. I am an accredited member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), a West Yorkshire Regional Co-ordinator for regional members and I am a Professional Development Lead with the British Acupuncture Council. Before I discovered Acupuncture I was a teacher with specialisms in food and nutrition, I also have skills in clinical supervision, counselling and psychotherapy having worked in private, public and voluntary sectors within a counselling context. Having spent nearly 15 years’ within the profession I developed the ability to establish effective therapeutic relationships with my patients. My passion for acupuncture is complemented by a deepening experience in the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. I believe that with my nutrition, counselling and teaching backgrounds I can help, enable, empower and support individuals to value the importance of self care. Recent developments in my practice are the study and application of auriculotherapy, a principle that considers the ear to be a map of the body whereby treating a point in the ear can have positive impact elsewhere on the body. I regularly share educational material relating to TCM, you can email with any questions relating to Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pain Management and TCM


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Acupuncture and Fertility Challenges


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Tips for Optimum Summer Health


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