rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Barbara Younger blogs from her home in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Along with Friend for the Ride: Encouraging Words for the Menopause Roller Coaster (, she writes books for children and adults. She lives in an old house with her husband Cliff. and collections of everything from dolls to buttons to bookmarks. She's the mother of two grown daughters and the grandmother to one adorable baby boy!



A blast from the calorie past! Cliff found this calorie list among my mother-in-law Vivian’s papers.The doctor’s name is at the top, and in Vivian’s handwriting are the words “For Al.” So did the doctor want Cliff’s dad on a diet or … Continue reading


Raising Awarenss: Womb Cancer Support UK


Womb Cancer Support

  Thanks to the posts about my own cancer, I connected with Kaz Molloy, a uterine cancer advocate in the UK. There, uterine cancer is known as “womb cancer.” Kaz says there’s very little awareness of this kind of cancer in the UK. She shares … Continue reading


Going Through the Change: A Menopause Superhero Novel!


Going Through the Change

(Cover art by Polina Sapershteyn) Here’s a post by a writer friend of mine, Samantha Bryant. She’s written a novel about menopause and superheros! Menopause can be a pretty scary word. In a world that values youth and physical perfection above … Continue reading


My Cancer Story: Handmade Affirmations!


Open Box

The biggest challenge I faced after my cancer surgery was letting myself recover. Sounds so silly! But as a project person, sometimes I fought the need to rest. (Other days, I thought it glorious. I loved having no greater mission than hours … Continue reading


Menopause Tips from a Halloween Witch


    “Menopause,” the witch hissed, shaking her broom. “Nothing to it.” “Really?” I asked. “You’ve got the magic potion? Do share!” She pointed a snarly finger my way. “You foolish blogger! There’s no potion for menopause!” Her face softened a bit. “But here are some … Continue reading


Lifescript: Tips from Menopause Bloggers


Menopause Tips

Lifescript writer Susan Jara put together this collection of menopause tips and life strategies from nine bloggers, including yours truly. Jara writes, “Often, women who have experienced it have the best tips for managing perimenopause or menopause symptoms.” That’s for sure! Don’t … Continue reading


Garden Blessings and a Cancer Diagnosis


Pink Zinnea

I’m a reluctant gardener. Perhaps because I can only grow zinnias and marigolds.  For real. All other seeds fail me. Perennials, except for a few, refuse to reappear in the spring. But this year the gardening muse took over, and I … Continue reading


Just Over Yonder: A Poem for Menopause and Other Times Too


Just Over Yonder

As I went through The Great Pause, I kept asking older women about it. “Menopause? That was ages ago! I’ve forgotten,” they’d reply cheerfully. Their responses were happy but not helpful. But… Their forgetfulness inspired me to start this blog, so I could … Continue reading


A Shadow of My Former Self



Menopause messes with your mind… Whirls and twirls those old brain waves And shoots out changes in attitude, perspective, and personality. Some changes just happen. Some are more deliberate, prompted by an increase in zest, courage, and confidence. A week ago, my friend Judy Brown sent … Continue reading


Ellen’s Video: A Mother and Son Production



[youtube] Check out the way cool video in the link above. Three cheers for sons! And a thousand cheers for a son who helps his mom, Ellen Dolgen, spread honest and up-to-date information about perimenopause and menopause. Jack Dolgen … Continue reading


Any Time of the Month? Sure!


Doc Pic

I made a doctor’s appointment the other day. The next morning  in the shower (why does this stuff come to us in the shower?), a memory came sailing back. How fast I had forgotten… For thirty-five years or so, I … Continue reading


Menopause and Dry Eyes



In the last two weeks I’ve gotten something in my eye twice. One speck was so large I needed the assistance of my husband with the fine fine motor skills to remove it. Then it hit me. I never get … Continue reading


The Cabbage Patch: Any Takers?



So tell me, is it a good system or a bad one? Reproduction and all the joys and troubles it brings. Sometimes I think the cabbage patch would have been a better plan. If babies came from cabbage patches, we wouldn’t … Continue reading


The Mosaic of Menopause



There were days I thought menopause was chipping away at my body. And there were days I felt like menopause was chipping away at my soul. Pieces of me were falling off bit by bit. But the good news, the … Continue reading


Little Women: Christmas Won’t Be Christmas



Famous first line!  A Christmas line, spoken by a great character of literature, Jo March. In honor of that first line and the ambitious and opinionated Jo March, I present the Little Women collection of my friend Nancy Espersen.  Nancy’s … Continue reading


Menopause and Angel Wings


Younger--Friend for the Ride--Angel Banner

Angels. Who wouldn’t want to be one? (Someday, that is.) Robes that hide stomachs and veiny legs. Wings that take you wherever you want to go, with no security line hassles. And you can sing!  (I didn’t make the chorus … Continue reading


Menopausal Beach Toes


Barbara on the Beach

Beach walker here. Barefoot beach walker. That is until three years ago when I noticed the sand wearing away the skin on the bottom of my toes. Yikes! Those poor toes returned from a beach walk looking like I’d run … Continue reading


A Halloween Beauty Tip!


Pumpkin Menopause Lady

A post from Greta, a pumpkin I met at the North Carolina State Fair last week. Hello everyone in Internet World! I must say, I thought Barbara was rude to just pop a camera in my face. But then we … Continue reading


Beer and Menopause: Help from the Hops!



When I was a student at Duke in the seventies, the beer flowed. But I barely touched it.  Just didn’t like the flavor. After I married Cliff, I took sips of his beers over the years.  But only sips.  I … Continue reading


Menopausal You and Me: Mellow or Bold?



  Menopause makes us bold, like these garden flowers, who went summer nuts outside my kitchen window. We speak up. We voice our opinions. We make brave choices. But… Menopause makes us mellow too. We know when to remain silent. … Continue reading


Picnics: Gain Strength!


Godey's Ladies

Menopausal moodiness can  sure make you sad. The events of life can too sometimes. Sarah Josepha Hale, famed editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book, knew something about sadness and about techniques for overcoming gloom and grief. In Sarah’s day, a new mode of … Continue reading