rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Beth is passionate about people, supporting, helping and encouraging them to live life to the full, no matter how limited their physical boundaries might be. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009, learning to accept her new life hasn’t always been an easy journey. Beth takes an often light hearted and irreverent approach to tackling some of the issues that affect her and others living with a chronic debilitating condition. “I hope you enjoy my blogs, I feel very honoured to have been asked to blog for TalkHealth. No matter whether you have been newly diagnosed or trying to live with FMS or M.E or any other health issue for that matter I hope my blogs give you something useful” I look forward to “talking” with you – you can also follow me on twitter as fibro_girl or read my personal blog Beth x

Is it psychosomatic then?


Today is Fibromyalgia and M.E/CFS awareness day, the day when the people who live with and charities who support try to raise awareness and inform people about these conditions. M.E Association Uk Fibromyalgia FMA uk Today’s post is dedicated to … Continue reading


Denial is not a river in Egypt


There is no magic pill, drink or technique that will cure you of having a chronic health condition. Well-meaning people will say in the early days, “Oooh try this thing”.  Or, “I’ve heard if you cut out bread, wheat and … Continue reading