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Bob Brotchie is a successful counsellor in his private practice seeing individuals aged 8 and up from his office near Newmarket, Suffolk. Twice-married, and a father of three sons he attributes his ‘later-life’ inner-peace way of being practising mindfulness for everyday anxieties, past life trauma’s and the complexities of life. This he shares where appropriate with his clients - along with other psychotherapeutic models, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) A regular blogger of mental health matters - and particularly ‘mindful approaches’ to life, Bob also enjoys engaging via social-media, where he can be found on many of the popular platforms.

Managing Xmas Emotions after Loss


Christmas, for so many, is a time for celebration, giving and receiving – and sharing time with those we love. But, for so many others an inevitable fact of life is that most of us will at some stage face … Continue reading


Staying Connected In a Lonely World


It appears ironic that in this age of information and our ability to engage more freely, we are perhaps ever more lonely – in our physical connectedness.  +652   


Managing Anxiety within Parenthood


Emotions associated with anxiety are commonly felt at many times in our lives, arguably some of the strongest become evident when we ourselves become parents. Why might this be? Nurture or nature So many of the clients I meet will … Continue reading