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Donna spent 10 years battling with Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder - a condition classed as a 'mood disorder'. The wide range of symptoms frequently lead to misdiagnosis for women. In Donna's case, she was diagnosed as having reactive depression, anxiety and post natal depression until at age 29 Donna received the correct diagnosis and successful treatment. Donna now advocates strongly within the mental health and gynaecology field for women to be correctly diagnosed with hormonal based depressions and treated accordingly. She speaks at Women's Health Conferences in Glasgow and London. Donna highlights the need for better gynaecological and psychiatric care for women suffering from hormonal based depressions. Donna speaks openly of her own experience of mental health services, disbelief within the gynaecology and general practice of her condition, her mental health issues and her recovery journey. Donna has had many articles published including an article in Menopause International Journal entitled 'Menstruation and mental health - what's the chance of talking about that?'. Donna has also appeared on This Morning. Donna currently works as an Acute Inpatient Forum Worker alongside her freelance training/facilitation. Her aim is to empower individuals to take control of their recovery, to inspire hope and to educate health professionals on what really works for people with mental health problems. Donna is a member of Voice of Experience VOX and also Lanarkshire Links.

A half full cup of optimism


This one is a bit of a personal one.  I have lost alot in the last 5 years.  I have lost the woman who was like a mother to me, I have lost my fertility and I have lost alot … Continue reading


It’s My Ovaries Stupid!!!


Well, the ups and downs of my hormones over the last few weeks have given me alot of food for thought.  My ‘bible’ as such has to be the above book ‘it’s my ovaries stupid’ by Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD.  … Continue reading


First blog


Hi.  My name is Donna Barrowman and I’m delighted to have been asked to write a blog for talkhealth.  I was going to say I’m not normal – but then who is??  The best way I can describe myself is … Continue reading