rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Hi, I'm blogging here to share my thoughts on health and wellbeing. My aim is to look beyond the hype of the headlines and hopefully talk some health sense. My main interests are nutrition, fitness and mental health - and how they are all closely linked to each other

Sickness absence – the road ahead


A look at how employee absence figures have changed for the better There are, of course, times when people have to take time off work due to illness. Whether it’s a mild viral infection that means your bones ache and … Continue reading


A happy and healthy summer holiday



Have you been lucky enough to make it abroad for a holiday in 2014 yet? Sadly I haven’t – in fact it’s been over a year since I’ve seen the inside of an aeroplane. Or perhaps more importantly, felt grains … Continue reading


Home: the future health centre?


As technology advances, there’s every reason to believe that at some point in the future part of this century our own homes will be the place that the majority chooses to receive a clinical diagnosis, give birth, or even receive … Continue reading


Are free sugars a health enemy?


Sugars are added to foods for one simple reason: it makes them tastier. I have no idea what unsweetened Coca-Cola might taste like, but I’m guessing ‘not great’ since it’s not a variety of the iconic brand that has ever … Continue reading


A healthy holidays: the essentials


The media being what it is, at this time of year there are a fair few stories about health and the various hazards that can abound – from the risks of being to cold to the risks of eating too … Continue reading


Food: the good, the bad and the ugly


Did you know sugar’s good for you? Yes, you read that correctly. And so is fat. Fat’s good for you as well. And salt. Salt’s essential. I’m not aiming for controversy here, by saying this – or even setting out … Continue reading